Email Marketing in 2018: 5 Case Studies and Guides You Need to See

Email marketing is dead as you know it. That is the common phrase we continually hear almost every year. Something else we continually see year after year is a whole new set of predictions and trends to be aware of for the coming year. While the concept of email marketing is probably never going to die, the methods that work best and how you can further communicate and engage with … Continue Reading

5 Examples of Different Ways to Collect and Monetize Email Leads

Growing an email list is something many individuals and brands focus a lot of effort on. However, if you don’t know exactly what you are going to be doing with each of your subscribers after they click the “subscribe” button, then you might actually be setting yourself up for failure before you even get started. Email is a tough game, and if you don’t approach it in the best way … Continue Reading

Best Methods to Monetize Your Website and Blog Content in 2018

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or a religious writer, blogs are great for sharing your passion and they can also help you earn a good amount of money. There are plenty of people who work full-time on their blog and earn a full-time income as a result. At the same time, blogging can be one of the most effective ways to also build your mailing list and generate additional revenue … Continue Reading

How the New Net Neutrality Rules May Affect Online Businesses

As of late, net neutrality has become a politically driven and divisive issue in the United States. For those business owners who own an online or E-commerce business, the success of your enterprise solely depends on the internet. To have a brand recognized and venture into new markets both locally and internationally, an online business largely depends on how free the internet is in their geographical location or jurisdiction. The … Continue Reading

5 Great Reasons to Use AfterOffers Email Lead Generation in 2018

When it comes to generating more leads and revenue, most marketers and brands are willing to explore all options. Some of the most common ones being paid advertising to increase traffic to your sites, buying co-registration within other lead generation forms, or simply paying for email data through a wide range of sources. The problem with each of these methods is that you really don’t know where the subscriber is … Continue Reading

7 Components Every Successful Email Marketer Needs

Years ago, if you wanted to find success with email marketing, all you would need is to buy a bunch of email data and blast out as many emails as you can. You could still do that today, but would quickly find yourself without a list hosting solution, and potentially in a lot of hot water should receive endless spam complaints. While the concept of email marketing is still the … Continue Reading

5 Email Marketing Tools Every Marketer Needs To Try in 2018

Today, we have over 275 billion emails being sent out daily. Email marketing is now more powerful, useful and effective than other marketing media available. Research tells us that email is 45 times more useful and effective at gaining more customers than Twitter or Facebook. With the right email marketing tool, you can easily achieve your lofty goals as a marketer. What’s even more exciting, is that technology, automation, and … Continue Reading

7 Experts Share Their Best Tips for Effective Email Marketing in 2018

Email marketing is always going to be one of the most important and effective ways to grow an online business. However, if you want to stay ahead of the curve and know what’s currently working for others in an industry, you should simply pay attention to their advice and see what they are currently focusing their efforts on. While this may seem easier said than done, we are actually going to … Continue Reading

7 Email Marketing News, Case Studies, and Resources in the News

Email is one of the most important components of not only your online business or brand but also for the people you connect and engage with on a daily basis. The truth is, as much as ’email stays the same’, it’s actually also always changing at the same time. It’s these minor changes that can make a big difference in the success of your email marketing campaigns, and actually be … Continue Reading

7 Common Mistakes Brands Make When Growing their Mailing List

When it comes to building an email list, you want to attract the right people who will become a part of your loyal tribe. These people will be the ones who will buy from you first and spread the word about what you have to offer. Knowing this, there are a few things you’ll want to consider when you’re building your email list. Many business owners make these costly mistakes … Continue Reading