Facebook Advertisers Must Brace for New “Clear History” Feature

Over the last few years, advertisers have been very pleased with the ROI from their Facebook campaigns. As a result, Facebook has captured a massive share of the digital advertising market. In 2019, over 22% of online advertising dollars will be spent on Facebook. Unfortunately, a major change is looming, which could hurt the ROI of many Facebook advertisers. Facebook is adding a new feature that allows users to clear … Continue Reading

5 of the Best Email Marketing Stories in the News Today

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How to Win at eCommerce with Instagram and Email Marketing

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Three Ways to Grow Your Email List with Just $10 Per Day

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3 Types of Marketing Emails eCommerce Sites Should Be Focusing On

Ecommerce is still one of the fastest, largest, and one of the most successful ways to make money online. Not only is it somewhat easy for someone to get started with, it’s also completely legitimate as well. It’s also an evergreen business model that continues to generate sales every single day. What makes the business of ecommerce even more attractive than ever before, is that everything is pretty much hands … Continue Reading

The 5 Best Email Tools to Grow Your Business

According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing brings about 4300 percent Return On Investment (ROI) in businesses in the United States. Email marketing works so well because it gives a personal touch to your business – IF you do it correctly. Without the right tools, nothing works well, not even email marketing. There are several email marketing tools available in the market. They are so many you are probably … Continue Reading

Email Marketing Best Practices to Improve Your Mailing List ROI

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How to Create A Social Media and Email Marketing Plan that Works

For most businesses and brands, it’s either a focus on social media or email marketing. Social media is always gaining a lot of attention because of it’s massive reach and the sexy allure of having ‘followers’. However, for any businesses already using email marketing, it’s still one of the very best ways to actually connect, engage, and convert leads into real revenue. The problem with social media and email marketing, … Continue Reading

7 Things Every Email Marketing Message Must Contain to Get Attention

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3 Ways to Start Using Online Video to Increase Email Sign Ups

Online video is in demand more than ever before. Thanks to the massive growth of social media and the obsessive attraction to mobile, video is now the best way to engage with an audience — both through mobile and desktop usage. If you are focusing your efforts on email marketing, then you must be adding video into the mix as well. If you think the video marketplace is competitive and … Continue Reading