How To Automatically Pop-out Reply Window in Gmail

I’m a power Gmail user. One thing it lacks is the setting to make a Reply, Reply All and Forward emails pop-out to full screen automatically every time without four or five clicks. There is finally a Gmail Chrome Extension that makes it happen: Automatically Pop-out Reply Window in Gmail Latest update adds option to auto pop out full screen or small window. This Chrome extension for Gmail does 3 … Continue Reading

Email Data to Remarketing on Mobile: What You Need to Know

The average person today is now more mobile than ever before. Whether it’s for work, play or just to see what’s trending in world news… users are pulling out their mobile devices and checking their emails and favorite social platforms. In fact, very few people travel from home without a mobile device of some kind in their hands, pocket or purse. And when they do get home, they still likely … Continue Reading

Text vs. HTML Emails: Which Works Best for Delivery and Click Rates

For several years, there has been an ongoing debate of whether HTML or plain text emails work better to get the message out to the customers they are designed to reach. Many experts claim that plain text electronic mail is best, while others claim that this form of communication has gone the way of the dinosaurs. Which is correct? Is it 50/50? 25/75% or even a wider range? This is … Continue Reading

7 Trigger Keywords that Work Well to Increase Email Open Rates

In today’s era of email marketing, perhaps the most important aspect is to get your customers and potential customer to open the email. This can be quite tricky for a number of reasons — such as inbox delivery, open rates, call to actions and more. With so many different factos out there, it’s your job to not only providing the goods and services, but to get the receiver to realize … Continue Reading

Email Spam Filter Tips for 2020: How to Avoid Spam Filters

If you are an email marketer there are two dreaded words you never what to hear: Spam Filter. But what are spam filters? Basically, a spam filter is a program that is used by browsers and servers to detect unsolicited and unwanted email from going to a recipient’s inbox. A spam filter looks for certain words and phrases and automatically judges whether it is spam or not.   The earliest versions … Continue Reading

The Importance of Only Adding Opt-in Subscribers to Your Mailing List

When it comes to your personal information or when, where and how someone gets in contact with you… it’s very personal and important. The same holds true with email marketing and who can send you messages online as well. At least, it’s supposed to be. In the world of email marketing, there are plenty of terms and conditions in place for marketers and businesses to follow, but many of them … Continue Reading

The Benefits of Remarketing to Email Data through Facebook Ads

If you are like many people in the world wide web marketing business, you have heard of remarketing to email data through such platforms as Facebook, but do you really know what it is? In short, when you visit one website and it captures your information through a cookie placed within your browser and then onto your computer, or through an email submit or newsletter sign up… this can all … Continue Reading

15 Email Marketing Stats Every Marketer Should Know

Email marketing… it’s been here at the beginning of the internet, here today, and will likely be around to many more years to come. As much as everyone likes to talk about how great mobile and social media is, email is still the number one way to directly connect with an audience and keep that instant one-on-one engagement going. One of the most immediate ways to see a high rate … Continue Reading

5 Proven Methods on How to Test and Improve Email Delivery Rates

While social media is all the rage, email marketing just keeps plugging along and doing its job. Companies go out of their way to get on social media and place ads while email does the heavy lifting of bringing in the sales. Some pundits in the digital marketing world have gone so far as to declare email marketing dead. Not by a long shot is email marketing dead. Email marketing … Continue Reading

Email Marketing Engagement vs Social Media Interaction in 2019

Email marketing was truly the first form of digital marketing that existed. As email blossomed from this cool new toy into something that a person couldn’t live without, companies saw what an amazing tool it could be for them. Social media was the same way; once brands saw the growth potential, they jumped on the bandwagon. Some digital media experts would like to sway their expertise and say that email … Continue Reading