Email Data to Remarketing on Mobile: What You Need to Know

The average person today is now more mobile than ever before. Whether it’s for work, play or just to see what’s trending in world news… users are pulling out their mobile devices and checking their emails and favorite social platforms.

In fact, very few people travel from home without a mobile device of some kind in their hands, pocket or purse. And when they do get home, they still likely prefer their mobile device over traditional desktop and laptop devices. Marketers are facing this challenge head on and coming up with ways to market and target their products and services literally into the hands of their audience.

How does this affect you? Read on to find out.

What Are the Distinguishing Features of Mobile Remarketing and Retargeting?

These two terms are can be considered synonyms, but the truth is they are two very different concepts. Retargeting means that you are going to provide a personal ad or message to an audience to increase the number of clicks on an app.

When thinking of a mobile device, retargeting can be difficult, because the ‘cookies’ that are available on desktops aren’t working as well on mobile devices. Two prominent browsers have managed to come up with a similar system, so that the advertisers can identify certain users and can identify if a user has completed a call to action (CTA) such as, installing an app, pressing an icon, etc.

Mobile Remarketing typically uses an email to engage with users who have given their contact information to a company on the web. They can engage with a brand they have used before or can also be sent an offer that takes them back to the app for further potential sales.

Remarketing also comes with its own unique problems on cell phones or tablets because going from a website to an app can be complicated, and users become lost between and during the transition from desktop applications to mobile apps.

Mobile Retargeting and Why It Works So Well

Retargeting ads can occur in a number of places on mobile, including on the mobile browser and within applications designed for websites. These mobile ads are meant as a way to drive users back into a specified application, where they are likely to spend over 2.5 times more than in other channels.

In this environment where cookies don’t exist, companies need ways to firstly find user’s interest and secondly, drive them to the app. A mobile user may click on an ad, but they will not connect or convert with the ad that pulled them there in the first place.  The key here is to make sure that there is a link which is attached to the app which will take the user back to the original content.

It is in effect taking the person who is browsing the app or content and takes them back to what prompted them to look in the first place. It is also a form of online advertising that can help you keep your brand in front of bounced traffic after they leave your website. 

According to some research, most websites have only 2% of potential customers purchase their goods or service on the first visit to the site.  This tool is designed to help keep those products in front of the potential customer while they are surfing the web or browsing a website that contains ads.

Mobile Remarketing: Keys to Success

Email is here to stay.  In fact, it is more likely to increase as the use of mobile devices also increase.  The challenge is to stop the broken and haphazard journey that many consumers are faced with when they go from a desktop application to a mobile one.

This is where email comes in.  We know that it is best to have short, well designed and relevant content for the user to click on and check out.  However, if they get lost, revenue and a potential customer is too. One solution is to use deep links in the email to the app, which also carries the user’s habits and offers with them.

This is also something that Google makes quite easy for their brands and advertisers through their paid advertising platform.

This concept is one that is designed to use the consumer’s information to help keep your product in front of them.  Using email is one way to do that if they get lost in the transit from apps to the website. This happens because the ‘cookies’ used on desktop applications does not translate when moved to the mobile venue.  

As mobile devices become more prominent, the potential for lost customers, and by default, lost income grows.  It is important that a combination of techniques be used to keep those customers in the loop about your services and/or goods.  

Here are some more benefits to remarketing that you may not have thought of:

You’ll Expand Market Reach

We all want to expand our market reach.  It stands to reason that the more people who see your remarketing ad, the more people who will buy your service or product. Broaden your audience by finding those who share characteristics with your current customers.  You can make a custom audience by designating visitors to a certain page for a product, or by another defining characteristic, such as age, where they live, and other interests.

Benefits of Remarketing

Remarketing is a way to connect with people who previously interacted with your website or mobile app. It allows you to tactically place your ads in front of these audiences as they browse websites, no matter what device they are using and thus helping you increase your brand awareness or remind those audiences to make a purchase.

AfterOffers + Remarketing for the WIN

Today’s internet market is a valuable resource when it comes to getting your name and brand out for the masses to see.  Facebook has many tools for you to use, so you can use them to find the right market, potential clients, current clients, and even people who have never heard of you before.  There is no minimum budget, according to the sources used, so it can be easily integrated into your budget.

Today’s marketing tactics over the worldwide web is in a state of flux.  While the desktop applications continue to trend, the changeover to cell phones, tablets and wearable items like smart watches, throw up barriers and detours for your customers.  It is all important that we do not come in second place in the race with mobile applications and adapt as they do.

To learn more about everything mentioned above and how to start growing your mailing list by leaps and bounds weekly, contact AfterOffers today.