Privacy Policy

After Offers provides a way for you, the website visitor, to subscribe to newsletters from related companies with complementary products and services to that of the website you are visiting.

The After Offers platform gives website owners a way to monetize their content and opt-in paths and a method for advertisers to grow their own email list and develop customer prospects.

The following outlines what information After Offers forms collect and what information is passed on to the advertiser when you select an offer by checking the box next to that company’s graphic and content description.

By checking the box next to the company “offer”, you agree that your personally identifiable and non-personally identifiable information including:

– First name
– Email address

are all transmitted to that company so that they may provide you with the content offered and deliver future email newsletters and marketing material.

Your information, while stored by After Offers, is never transmitted to any company from which you have not expressly requested information by checking the box next to their specific offer.

While After Offers encourages all advertisers to have their own privacy policy, you are advised to read and understand the individual privacy policy of the company for the offers you have checked. After Offers is not responsible for the handling of your information after it has been transmitted to the advertiser.

While After Offers takes all reasonable measures to protect the information you submit in the After Offers forms, we cannot guarantee this will prevent unauthorized parties from obtaining this information illegally. As such, all information you submit is agreed by you to be non-confidential in nature.

You can obtain a copy of your personally identifiable information stored by After Offers or request the permanent removal of your information from the After Offers database by any one of the following:

1) Email:
2) Phone: 1-213-534-7379
3) Writing to us at:

After Offers, LLC
30251 Golden Lantern #E-358
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

After Offers does not send any marketing emails directly, so you will need to also unsubscribe from the advertisers you selected through the After Offers platform via their own unsubscribe links in their emails or contacting them directly.

Updated: February 20, 2017