How To Ensure Your Email Gets Delivered to the Gmail Inbox

Chris Von Wilpert of Content Mavericks recently posted on Facebook about how you can test your emails to make sure they are landing in the Gmail inbox.

A really simple way to get more traffic to your content or offer: Set up a Gmail account where you never open the emails.

Send a test email to that Gmail account.

If it lands in the inbox… happy days, more traffic is coming your way.

If it lands in the promotions tab or spam… run the email through a tool that checks the “spammyness” of your emails (like Mail Tester).

Fix the issues.

(One trick to fix spammy words like “money” is to purposely misspell the word “muney”.)

Then resend it to the Gmail account where you never open the emails.

Once you’re inboxing, send to your full list.

If you have an email list size >5k and you are not doing this… I guarantee you’re losing A LOT of traffic (and sales).

Commenters also mentioned other tools:

Mail Genius
A free test tool to improve the deliverability of your emails
You send your email to 19 addresses they specify, and it tells you where your email landed in those 19 inboxes.