How to Create A Social Media and Email Marketing Plan that Works

For most businesses and brands, it’s either a focus on social media or email marketing. Social media is always gaining a lot of attention because of it’s massive reach and the sexy allure of having ‘followers’. However, for any businesses already using email marketing, it’s still one of the very best ways to actually connect, engage, and convert leads into real revenue. The problem with social media and email marketing, … Continue Reading

7 Things Every Email Marketing Message Must Contain to Get Attention

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing strategies for building your brand and increasing sales. Whether you are a business wanting to generate hype for your brand and get more leads and followers or to promote a new product, there are certain things you must include in your email marketing campaigns. Did you ever wonder why some people can get great results with email marketing while others … Continue Reading

3 Ways to Start Using Online Video to Increase Email Sign Ups

Online video is in demand more than ever before. Thanks to the massive growth of social media and the obsessive attraction to mobile, video is now the best way to engage with an audience — both through mobile and desktop usage. If you are focusing your efforts on email marketing, then you must be adding video into the mix as well. If you think the video marketplace is competitive and … Continue Reading

Why Email Marketing is Always Better Than Social Media

For some, reading the title above will likely spark some mixed feelings as it is impossible to imagine why one would pick email over the new age social media. However, as popular as social media marketing might be, email is still one of the best ways to directly reach audiences, while also having the ability to track conversions, open rates, clicks, and more. If you need an example of how … Continue Reading

How to Win with Email Marketing, Drop Shipping and eCommerce in 2019

The eCommerce market is booming, and there’s never been a better time to become an eCommerce business owner. You can start a website today and quickly take your online store to the next level with a few smart business and marketing techniques. One of the most successful techniques that business owners have today is email marketing. Email marketing campaigns are still the most robust way to reach individual customers on … Continue Reading

The Science Of Email Marketing & Writing Engaging Ad Copy

For every brand, marketing is a vital process in promoting the increment of a clientele base. For years, some of the most effective marketing strategies utilized by several brands include; commercials, flyers and newspaper ads. However, as the world evolves in different ways, new and improved methods have taken over from the more extinct ones. Since the advent of the internet, marketing strategies for many different companies has changed. Now, … Continue Reading

Five Email Marketing Basics That Still Apply And Work Today

Having a successful online or brick and mortar business is largely dependent on marketing and one of the most effective marketing strategies is email marketing. Email marketing is vital for building relationships with current customers, prospects, leads and past customers. It gives you the chance to connect directly with them through their inbox, while also marketing to them through mobile devices and advanced online targeting through social media and remarketing. … Continue Reading

Email Marketing and Artificial Intelligence: Where Are We Headed

You have apparently heard or seen the power and effectiveness of artificial intelligence and the great impact it can cause on our world. It’s in the news all the time. However, what most businesses and brands are still thinking while on the sidelines, is “how can I start using AI within my own business?“. Business owners and email marketers are also looking at AI and how they can harness the … Continue Reading

Best Methods and Solutions for Tracking Email Marketing ROI

Email marketing is a strategy applied to achieve business growth through effective customer outreach. For the majority of businesses and brands that put in the time and effort to build a solid email list and have a proven marketing plan in place, email marketing have been doing really well across the board and is said to have a positive impact on business when done right. While that is interesting, it … Continue Reading

5 Email Marketing Best Practices to Improve ROI in 2019

Email marketing is just as effective today as it was years ago. In fact it’s even more effective and profitable now than ever before. Having someone on your email list is just the first step in the engagement and marketing process. Factor in the many different ways that you can target a subscriber (based on their email address and pixel tracking) and you have a wide range of options with … Continue Reading