5 Proven Methods on How to Test and Improve Email Delivery Rates

While social media is all the rage, email marketing just keeps plugging along and doing its job. Companies go out of their way to get on social media and place ads while email does the heavy lifting of bringing in the sales. Some pundits in the digital marketing world have gone so far as to declare email marketing dead. Not by a long shot is email marketing dead. Email marketing … Continue Reading

Email Marketing Engagement vs Social Media Interaction in 2019

Email marketing was truly the first form of digital marketing that existed. As email blossomed from this cool new toy into something that a person couldn’t live without, companies saw what an amazing tool it could be for them. Social media was the same way; once brands saw the growth potential, they jumped on the bandwagon. Some digital media experts would like to sway their expertise and say that email … Continue Reading

7 Email Marketing Tips from Industry Experts in 2019

Even though we are inundated with email nearly every second of the day, it still remains one of the most effective methods of communication out there. As much as people like to talk about social media, it’s really just a bunch of clutter that people glance at for a second. With email, it’s direct, personal, and something you actually pay attention to. At the same time, it’s extremely easy to … Continue Reading

5 Examples of Effective eCommerce Email Sales Funnels

To have an effective eCommerce sales funnel, you must first know what a funnel is even is and how to build one. Lead generation and sales funnels come in many different shapes and sizes. And they work extremely well because they often start off with a very simple task, such as a click or an email submit, and then walk the user through a process where they complete more steps … Continue Reading

Email Marketing Optimization: 7 Questions and Answers to Improve Your ROI

It’s hard to believe, but even with all the talk about social media, email marketing still wins out as the way to convert customers and get them to your website. More often than not, email will also result as the bigger winner in overall ROI as well. Social media is big, sexy, and attractive with all of it’s fancy social media brands and entrepreneurs behind it, but more often than … Continue Reading

5 Ways To Clean Up and Shape Up The Quality of Your Email List

Email is by far the least expensive and most efficient way to communicate with your customers in the modern era. But no one wants to waste time sending emails to people who don’t want to hear from them. This means marketers, businesses, and brands need to focus more time and effort on the actual evaluation process for your email list and to also clean it up periodically. The problem that … Continue Reading

Creative Ways to Use Email Marketing to Increase eCommerce Sales

eCommerce is the fastest growing sector in retail. Across the internet, it accounts for billions of dollars in new revenue and sales monthly, while also generating hundreds of millions of dollars in new sales for businesses of all sizes. If you need a few examples of just how important ecommerce is, look no further than Amazon, eBay and Apple. Not only are they raking in the big money, they’ve always … Continue Reading

Email Autoresponder or Sales Funnel: Pushing Your ROI to the Max

Email marketing consists of much more than just the email data you collect and the messages you send out. This is one of the most important things for us to continually stress to our clients, as they are often just infatuated by the number of subscribers they have, and not actually measuring the ROI or engagement of each. As more people continue to use the internet and access is through … Continue Reading

3 Tools to Help Your Build More Engaging Email Campaigns

Email marketing is the backbone and driving success behind a great majority of websites, blogs, and businesses on the internet today. However, it’s not enough to just have an email address and send out messages to your subscribers and hope for success. It’s also not about just ‘hoping’ for success, but also how to get the most out of each email and return the biggest ROI possible. That is exactly … Continue Reading

7 Things to Remember When Buying and Analyzing Email Subscriber Data

Email marketing is great for a number of reasons, however, like all business opportunities and marketing methods — they might seem great at first, but without the proper planning and strategy in place they can soon become a disaster. This is true with all different type of online marketing where you are focusing on ‘pay to play’ — even more so in social media than email, as you can quickly … Continue Reading