Email Autoresponder or Sales Funnel: Pushing Your ROI to the Max

Email marketing consists of much more than just the email data you collect and the messages you send out. This is one of the most important things for us to continually stress to our clients, as they are often just infatuated by the number of subscribers they have, and not actually measuring the ROI or engagement of each.

As more people continue to use the internet and access is through their desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, they are often changing their email addresses and internet providers as well. This means you need to not only track the quality of your lists, but also the responsiveness of them as well. With so many tools and tracking solutions available today, it’s important to make sure you are tracking the engagement of your lists at all times.

With this in mind, two of the best ways to accomplish this are through the use of an autoresponder series and a sales funnel. Not only are these two components crucial to the ROI and success of your ad campaigns, they also provide great metrics for user engagement and tracking where your best leads are coming from.

Autoresponder Series vs. Sales Funnels

Most of us are already familiar with the concept of autoresponder series and sales funnels within email marketing. If not, here’s a short one liner to summarize on each.

  • An autoresponder is a series of emails that is sent to a user after they perform a certain task or sign up for a mailing list.
  • A sales funnel is a series of landing/sales pages that walk the end user through a process in order to improve chances of them signing up for whatever might be offered.

When combined together, it’s quite a powerful combination — especially when you have a paid marketing campaign in place.

When first starting out with your email list and data, you might have to spend a decent amount of time on split testing and see what type of mailing titles perform best, and also doing the same with any landing pages or sales funnels you might have in place.

However, once all of the tedious and dirty work is done, you can really start to analyze the data. With enough data in place and a steady flow of leads passing through your funnel daily, this allows for mass scaling across multiple platforms and traffic sources.

Where to Promote Your Email Powered Sales Funnels

With the focus on an initial email capture to kick off your autoresponder and sales funnel, you will need to have a landing page in place. We will assume this is already the case.

Being so, these are some of your best options for paid advertising and driving new traffic and leads to your campaign.

  • Native Advertising – An excellent way to send billions of impressions to your site or landing page in a short period of time, is through the use of native advertising. With sites like Forbes, Inc., ESPN and millions of others serving native ads on their sites, the traffic and volume out there is massive. Come up with a click-bait themed article, ad copy, and landing page, and then start analyzing your data day by day.
  • Facebook Ads – For higher end traffic and better demographic targeting, Facebook Ads is one of the best locations to start spending some money. Since you can really dive deep into the targeting and quality of each user, it will cost you more per click and lead, but they will usually back out into a better ROI.
  • Organic Search Traffic – Search traffic is always going to provide some of the highest quality traffic and leads, but from a PPC stand point, it can get pretty expensive fast. With this in mind, consider your options with organic site traffic and getting users into your autoresponder and sales funnel call to actions. Not only will this audience likely convert better, they will be free as well.
  • AfterOffers – Start collecting email addresses through our 100% opt-in email marketing campaigns. Unlike other promotional services where you list is scattered amongst a wide range of sites and audiences, all of our partner sites are hand selected and only provide the highest quality of leads.

As with all email lead generation and marketing, be sure to have the necessary tools and features in place so you can track all user engagement based on the email address, where it came from, and the actions they are taking.

Looking at the internet today, there are now more websites, blogs, social networks, and users that ever before. However, even with all of these different platforms and ways to stay in contact with each other in place — email still wins time and time again.

This is something that we not only stress to our clients, but something we continually see in our own marketing efforts as well. Not only can we help with your next 100% opt-in ad campaign, we can also provide you with winning ad copy and examples from previous client case studies.

To learn more about how to create a successful autoresponder and sales funnel campaign for your brand, be sure to reach out to AfterOffers.