Gil Levy Email Marketing Expert Interview

Having a presence online for your brand or business simply isn’t enough. You also need to have a business model and a way to stay in touch with visitors after they leave your site. Every online business starts at zero before becoming a huge, successful and profitable company. This is the same mentality you have to take when building a list for your business as well. Don’t judge your list simply … Continue Reading

5 Ways to Make Money with Your Mailing List

Congratulations, you’ve started your own mailing list! Now you are in an exclusive club with several hundreds of millions of site owners, brands and marketers. Not to be blunt… but that pretty much is the concept of email marketing today. It’s easy to start a list, but it’s not so easy to make money with it or even know what you should be sending out to your list. The good … Continue Reading

Kane Jamison Email Marketing Expert Interview

Without content creation, there would be no internet. However, without engagement there would be no leads, transactions or business done on the internet either. Finding the perfect middle ground between these two areas is where most businesses and brands find success. Throw email marketing and list building into the mix, and you have quite a powerful content creation and marketing solution. The reason why content creation is so important is that you … Continue Reading

10 Lessons Learned from Email Marketing Case Studies in 2016

Are you looking for ways to increase your email marketing efforts in the new year in 2017? Who doesn’t want to create more subscribers and loyal fans who can testify to the good points about your brand to others? Email marketing not only focuses on customer acquisition but also in promoting your brand to the masses and getting people to share it with others. The main reason for creating an … Continue Reading

Kayla Hollatz Email Marketing Expert Interview

Growing a mailing list can be one of the best ways to also grow a following and start a new career or business in the process. With so many websites and social media outlets out there, it’s easy to get lost in the mix. However, email is still one of the best ways to grow a list of individuals who you can still get in direct contact with. Even with … Continue Reading

17 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2017

If you are planning your email marketing campaigns for the new year, it helps to keep in mind some of the pitfalls that people have learned to avoid so that you won’t make the same mistakes. In this post, we examine 17 email marketing mistakes to avoid in 2017 so that you will have a fruitful and profitable year. 17 Email Marketing Mistakes Every Marketer Needs to Avoid has … Continue Reading

The Google Slap is Coming To Your Mobile Site

Tomorrow, Google begins penalizing mobile sites that have “intrusive” pop-up opt-ins. Rather than overreact and take down your lightboxes and pop-ups (that likely bring you the majority of your email subscribers), there are other options. And remember, our belief is if your entire business depends on a single source of free traffic, you’re constantly at risk. Diversify and figure out how to make a profit by paying for traffic, too. … Continue Reading

Tim Watson Email Marketing Expert Interview

One of the most surprising things about business in the world today, is how many brands still aren’t online or even have a mailing list of their own. Something that we have continually seen over the years is brick and mortar companies go out of business simply because they haven’t adapted with the changing environment around them. Building an email list isn’t just something that every brand or business should … Continue Reading

7 Unsubscribe Pages that Make Users Want to Stay Subscribers

Are you tired of getting unsubscribe notices from your former subscribers? When you spend so much time, money, and effort on your leads generation pages, it’s hard to see subscribers decide to go. When they do, you may just have one chance to win them back. It takes some unique planning to create a captivating unsubscribe page that may change their mind about unsubscribing. How can you do this in … Continue Reading

20 Experts Tips on How to Grow a Mailing List or Newsletter Fast

Starting a mailing list is one of the easiest and best things you can do for your website, brand or online business. However, growing that email list in size will be much harder — unless you are putting some paid promotion efforts behind your list or sending traffic to your sites. No matter how you are planning to promote your mailing list or subscribe forms, there are always going to … Continue Reading