Writing Your Emails Like a Human

In addition to being Co-founder of After Offers, I am the president of my homeowner association. Yes, my mother is proud. It’s a thankless crappy volunteer job and most of the time I dread it. But I continue to do it with gusto and enthusiasm because I want to live in a nice neighborhood free of yard cars and purple front doors. One of the worst parts are the Monday-morning … Continue Reading

7 Advanced Email Marketing Techniques

Ah, the Friday before a three-day weekend. Before you pour that margarita, let’s take a look at seven things you should be doing with your email list to get the best results. The only adjustment I would make is to clean your list even more often. Quarterly is best. It’s another Noah Kagen video. Damn that dude knows his stuff. Have a great weekend and keep in mind what it’s … Continue Reading

Q: Why Aren’t People Signing Up For My Email List?

A. You suck in one of several ways. But we can fix it! Infusionsoft recently wrote an article entitled, 5 Reasons People Aren’t Subscribing to Your Email List it outlines five common things people do to sabotage their own newsletter sign up form. Granted, when I first heard the company name, I too thought it was a new energy drink or one of those mobile IV services for hangovers in Las Vegas. … Continue Reading

You gotta see how these guys do email marketing…

As you can imagine, I subscribe to a lot of email lists. Not so much because I want the content, but because I am always fascinated by how they market to me and get me to open and click their emails. I study their landing page, their welcome emails and their daily emails to see how they do it. One that continues to impress me is The Hustle. You MUST … Continue Reading

Making a Plan: Email Marketing with Purpose

Noah Kagen and I have a ton in common. We both love tacos. Well, that’s really all I know that we have in common. But a love of tacos is enough for me. He also runs Sumo.com and OKDork.com and creates great videos on email marketing and online business. Case Study: How To Earn 6 Figures From Email Marketing What I like about his videos is that they come from true … Continue Reading

Email Marketing Best Practices – 5.11 Tactical

Tactical duffle bags. I dig them. Who doesn’t? Anything that has velcro, straps and enough pockets to store nearly half of my worldly possessions is worthy of my love. I was shopping at 511Tactical.com earlier today and checked out a bunch of those types of duffle bags. While shopping, a pop up came into view asking me for my email address. They offered $5 off for doing so. I entered … Continue Reading

The State of Email Marketing in 2017

Sumo just came out with a great article on the state of email marketing in 2017. Some of the things they learned surprised me, too. Like, 26% of list owners do not send out some sort of “welcome” email immediately after the user subscribes. Even if you are just signing them up for a weekly newsletter, you should always set an email to go out immediately as a “Welcome, new … Continue Reading

My Never-ending Quest for the Best Notebook

That’s my notebook shelf behind me on my desk and those are the notebooks I purchased in the last six months. I’m not going to count them because that would be embarrassing. But, it’s a lot. I’m constantly searching for the best notebook and note-taking system. I have yet to find the perfect notebook (or system) but I keep looking and I’m sure I’ll buy a few more notebooks by … Continue Reading

How Email is Changing, and Isn’t

There is a reason Emile and I didn’t name After Offers, After Emails. We looked at the world around us online and realized that, someday, people might be using something different than an email to communicate with their customers and prospects. Perhaps, in five years, the offers won’t be asking for an email address at all. Maybe it will be asking the user to follow them on Snapchat, get a … Continue Reading

Free Email Newsletter Publishing with Sender.net

I get asked every day by website owners which ESP (Email Service Provider) is the best. The answer, as with most things in life, is, “It depends.” Most of the time, what I really feel like saying is, “They are all good. Pick one and begin!” That’s because I constantly see people in a perpetual state of research. They’ve been researching the best tools to use for years and never … Continue Reading