Email Marketing Best Practices – 5.11 Tactical

Tactical duffle bags. I dig them. Who doesn’t? Anything that has velcro, straps and enough pockets to store nearly half of my worldly possessions is worthy of my love.

I was shopping at earlier today and checked out a bunch of those types of duffle bags.

While shopping, a pop up came into view asking me for my email address. They offered $5 off for doing so.

I entered my email, clicked “Subscribe” and continued my quest for the ultimate bag.

But, alas, Angels baseball was about to begin so I left the site.

About an hour later this showed up in my email:


I hadn’t put that bag into any cart and I must have looked at 10 bags – but that one I looked at the longest.

Even though I know that software has been around for a while, I’m still impressed when an e-commerce site uses it well and gets their customers to come back.

I bought the bag.