Writing Your Emails Like a Human

In addition to being Co-founder of After Offers, I am the president of my homeowner association.

Yes, my mother is proud.

It’s a thankless crappy volunteer job and most of the time I dread it. But I continue to do it with gusto and enthusiasm because I want to live in a nice neighborhood free of yard cars and purple front doors.

One of the worst parts are the Monday-morning quarterbacks who love to say how things could be done better but never want to actually be on the association board and DO those things.

It’s easy to pick apart someone’s efforts when often times there are actual reasons behind the way things are done. On the other hand, writing your emails like a human being instead of like an ad in a magazine has proven merit.

In that spirit of second-guessers and back seat drivers everywhere, check out this video picking apart a corporate email:

Email is a Relational Medium | MarketingExperiments

Are you writing your emails person-to-person?  If not, quit the corporate-speak and start. Your open and click rates will thank you.