5 Examples of Different Ways to Collect and Monetize Email Leads

Growing an email list is something many individuals and brands focus a lot of effort on. However, if you don’t know exactly what you are going to be doing with each of your subscribers after they click the “subscribe” button, then you might actually be setting yourself up for failure before you even get started. Email is a tough game, and if you don’t approach it in the best way possible, not only could you be losing money, you could also be losing the trust of your audience in the process.

If you want to grow a successful mailing list, it’s not just about getting new subscribers on a daily basis and having the biggest list size possible. Instead, you need to know how to nurture your new audience, turn them into customers, and also gain their trust over time — while also figuring out how to automate your email marketing and sales funnel in the process.

There are actually many ways to accomplish this, and we will be looking at a few of them today. It’s not just about being aware of each of these methods, it’s also about knowing where they are being used and how to see them in action. Many of these examples are already being used by other big brands, bloggers, and online marketers today. After reading through this article, be sure to run through your email inbox and see what type of lists you are currently subscribed to, and the different types of emails you might be getting.

The good news is, no matter where you currently are in your email or lead generation process, you can always implement these new methods at any time. This will not only provide better ROI on your email marketing efforts but also improve engagement and the personal relationship you have with your subscribers in the process.

Create an Autoresponder Series

One of the most basic ways to stay in touch with your audience right after they sign up for your list is through the use of an autoresponder series. Once you are set up with any legitimate list hosting solution, you can easily set up an autoresponder sequence right in their platform or members area.

You should have something set up to send out a mailing to each of your subscribers at least once a week in the beginning phases of your new email relationship. This will allow you to stay in contact with them while they still have your website fresh in their minds. At the same time, try not to sell them anything within the first few emails, but instead offering them different value propositions and gaining their trust in the process.

Also, don’t be afraid to create several emails within your autoresponder series, as some of the top websites and blogs on the internet today have all the responders that go well beyond two years worth of mailings. Now that’s what we call email marketing automation!

Immediately Follow-Up with a Phone Call

Depending on what type of website or business you currently have, if you are collecting email addresses to trying to convert them into customers, one of the best ways to do this is to immediately follow up with them after they submit their email.

There are ways to set this up automatically, but make sure you are asking for not just their email address, but also their phone number. This would work best when trying to offer any type of service or high-end product sale where the customer would usually like to talk to someone before taking action. A perfect example of this would be any type of home repair or financial services — or any type of service that requires a consultation or in-person scheduling.

Always remember, it takes a lot for someone to enter their email address or phone number into a submission form. Be sure to take advantage of it while they are still in action mode and ready to take that next big step.

Pre-Authorize or Start a Lead Generation Process

Not all lead generation forms have to be completed at one time. It’s a lot easier to get someone to provide you with an email address versus trying to get them to complete all of their contact information and credit card info at the same time.

A great way to get around this Is to connect with another third-party that can provide all of the personal information, just based on the email address you provide to them. This is an advanced form of retargeting and marketing but is extremely effective and likely cheaper than you might think.

With billions of individual records now online, you can pretty much match any data up with full demographic data without actually having to request it from your audience. If you are collecting more than just email addresses from your audience, explore your options with better data management and sourcing.

Remarket to Email Subscribers with Facebook Ads

With so much data floating around the internet today, there’s definitely a lot you can do with just an email address. One of the most exciting things you can do with just an email address from your audience is actually targeting them through remarketing advertising and hitting them with ads while they are active on major social platforms or browsing through other sites.

One of the most effective ways to do this is through the Facebook advertising platform and also using Google AdWords. All you need to do is upload your list of email addresses and you can start delivering ad campaigns directly to subscribers that are already on your list. There is simply no better way the target such a specific audience, while also putting your advertising dollars to work in the most effective way possible.

Immediately Monetize Your Email Registration Form

At the end of the day, website owners and brand marketers are most focused on growing their email list because they want to make money with it. While there are many ways to monetize your list, one of the most effective ways starts right when the user submits their email on to your site.

Often times, sites will just have a thank you page that says thank you and please check your email for a confirmation link. This works great, but there are also many other working methods to make money with your form as well. We recommend you join the AfterOffers.com referral program where you can actually earn a commission on every new email subscriber you send our way. All sign up are 100% off in and we pay top dollar for high-quality traffic.
Email is Still King — Just Use it Wisely

As you can see from the list above, there is a whole world of opportunity out there when it comes to email marketing, lead generation, and turning new subscribers into real revenue. To learn more about what’s working best for us today, and how you can start growing your mailing list, be sure to contact us today.