3 Case Studies on Big Bloggers Using Email Marketing to Grow their Sites

If you are a blogger or online business owner looking for ways to cash in on the opportunities of blogging and making money, you may want to read these case studies on this issue. Most business owners have a blog these days solely for the high value that potential customers place on having a blog presence. At the same time, one of the secrets formulas to creating a successful business model around a blog is growing a mailing list of potential prospects and customers to contact at any given moment.

It’s not just about creating content and ranking in the search results, it’s also about providing value to your audience and building a trusted brand in the process. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through the use of an autoresponder series. Don’t just let someone join your mailing list and have them sit there, create an autoresponse series to continually send them your best content, while also increasing your brand trust and authority in the process.

Whether you have a personal or business blog, you should focus your efforts on giving customers a way to connect with you through your online blog platform, social media, and of course getting them onto your mailing list.

With all of this in mind, monetization also needs to be a key area of focus. The following case studies on bloggers who are cashing in the big bucks with their blogs may help you to get some ideas of your own that may help you reach the next level.

#1: The Mustela Case Study-Blogger Outreach

In this case study on successful blogging, Mustela, owner of a premium baby skincare brand, wanted to increase their reach with their blog so that they could increase their results, drive more sales, and create more passive income.

The techniques used to create more hype for the product was to create a following by targeting a handful of bloggers who fit the demographics and tone of the client’s product the best. By specifically targeting the audience that would be most likely to appreciate the products or services, they were able to cater to the best customer acquisition and save money on recruiting customers.

This is a technique that can help increase the monetary results of a blog due to the ability to focus on specific information within the targeted group. By studying their audience and dissecting the population they were after, they were able to have a higher impact on their followers because they better understand their needs. For example, they might need to know where they purchased their children’s clothes, where they got their milk formula for babies, or what they wanted to achieve when caring for their children. All of these questions hit on the “pain points” of their audience and resulted in a better ability to influence their followers to purchase.

#2: Entrepreneurs-journey.com

In this case study, Yaro Starak reports that he makes between $20,000-$50,000 per month with his blog. How does he do it? He is in the internet marketing and blogging space, so he does focus much of his time on his blog. He reported that he first started making good money by asking sponsors to pay him to place banners about their business and text links on his blog. This is a practice that has been done for a long time by many other bloggers and business owners. It is successful if you have a blog that gathers a lot of daily traffic. Business owners are happy to post their links and banners on your blog if you are seeing 10,000 people per day of targeted traffic. They know the power of this kind of reach, so it’s easy to sell this service to them.

He added affiliate marketing to the mix to increase his income more and sold his eBooks and other marketing items on his site as well. He started with one or two items and then added more to his blog developed. This increased his overall income because he had created multiple streams from which to obtain payments.

Please note that you should not just add numerous items that are unrelated. Google penalizes you for this practice. But, by adding individual assets that complement each other and your blog, you can increase the potential income and reach in a variety of ways and pull in more of your market share.

Further, by creating so many valuable digital assets, he was able to create a premium video course and do personal business coaching for a minimum of $5,000 per person.

This seems to be proof that, the more you grow your blog, the more you can continue to grow it, provided you do the right things to increase your value with your target audience.

#3: High on Health

The third case study we wanted to review has to do with Frances Kerr, who reports an income of $4,000-$8,000 per month. That’s a great income for nothing more than a blog. How does she do it? She started an advertising strategy that included focusing on how to grow her alternative health and skin care blog. She stated with Google Adsense which helped start increasing her visibility and income, then added some affiliate products like eBooks and DVDs on the site. She then launched an online store complete with a shopping cart and even added physical goods including skin care products and chocolates.

As she began to see results with these efforts, she added a membership site, another ebook, and private consulting for an hourly fee.

What do these bloggers have in common?

Looking at these three case studies, what do they all have in common? While they all have an active blog, one common factor that also stands out is that they all seem to be using multiple channel marketing and ultimately a mailing list that allows them to continually build trust, increase sales and grow their user base in the process. At the same time, they do not just use one product, one strategy, or one technique. Instead, they figure out what is working and combine their efforts to include some different approaches as well as several different digital marketing assets to reach their goals.

Whether all of them set out to create the kind of lucrative income they were seeing, we don’t know. But they are all successful by most standards, and they are living proof of how much money is possible to generate by way of a simple blog.

How to Get Started

If you want to try to do what these people are doing in these case studies, consider what you need to do to draw your target audience. Knowing your audience is the first and most important aspect of building a following and an audience. Customer acquisition can be costly for some business owners. But if you own a successful blog, your customer acquisition costs will be at a minimum if you can build a following by offering value on your blog. This is especially true if you have a working business model in place, and are simply looking to spend money on advertising to bring in new audiences and potential customers.

When to Go Live with Your Email Marketing Efforts

If you don’t already have a mailing list, you need to start one right now. This is simply the best way to grow your audience and subscribers in the long run, while also being a minimal investment in the process.

When trying to come up with content that you can provide to your audience through direct mailings, make a list of the digital assets you could produce to include on your blog or newsletter. It can be a digital download, certain free tools that your readers could benefit from, or just information that you might send out to your list and not post publicly on your site. You can include video, photos, and podcasts on your blog to reach more people and get them to take further action and join your mailing list.


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