New Ideas for Using Artificial Intelligence within Email Marketing and Outreach

Artificial Intelligence or “A.I.” as it is commonly referred to, has opened the door to some various options for marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs to leverage their impact online. A.I. has been around for a long time, but it is just starting to be used more profusely in the business and computer world — especially in the world of outreach and email marketing.

When it comes to email marketing, the power of A.I. is apparent. There are over 205 billion emails that are sent out every day. This makes it difficult to know that you are getting the attention of the people that you need to form your target audience and leads base.

There are numerous solutions such as Boomtrain that harness the power of big data with marketing tasks so that you can deliver the right information to people who want it most. This “smart technology” can be compared to an intelligent person who can take all of the knowledge he has within his brain and transform it into some working database that can be applied to any situation that merits it.

Solutions such as Boomtrain and others like Conversica help you streamline your content so that it gets delivered in a personal way to the people most likely to buy from you.

New Ideas for A.I.

When it comes to A.I., there are some different ways that you can use it to help your email marketing campaigns. Some of the most impressive ones are mentioned below.

Increasing the Power of Personalization

Email marketing is an important aspect of your business plan. You should analyze how effective it is at all times so that you can improve your open rate and conversions. When structuring your email marketing plan, A.I. software solutions can increase your power of personalization with your marketing efforts.

When your emails resonate with people on a personal level, you will see an increase in your response and conversion rate.

Fine-Tune Campaign Lists and Prospects

A.I. software is also able to fine-tune your prospects lists to find more viable candidates as well as speak to individual prospects in a way that will improve your results. The power that is harnessed in A.I. applications is similar to that of the human brain because of the “big data” element and the way that it can target your audience to find the people who are most likely to appreciate your brand. (CMS Wire)

Interpret Leads Responses

A.I. has the capability of doing more than just finding leads that match up with your products, services, and branding. They are also capable of much more. One such task that an A.I. software system can do is to interpret the responses of your leads. Similar to a robot that can analyze and interpret how someone is responding, A.I. software can give you an analysis of how your email campaign is going based on the emotions or reactions your responses are getting.

Enhance Creativity

Another example of how A.I. can be successfully used today is by increasing the level of creativity that you use in your email marketing campaigns.

A study by two Oxford, England professors, stated that the employment of humans is being threatened by the sudden outgrowth of computerization. This is a negative finding when you consider the lives it disrupts in the labor market. But it also shows the immense power inherent in such systems as A.I. and other automation systems to replace humans at least, on some level. (Frey, Osbourne, 2013)

For the business owner, this illustrates the amount of control that you have at your fingertips when using A.I. that allows you to focus on specific tasks that you simply do not have the time to do yourself.

Reality Check: Man vs. Machine

Ideally, you would want a living human being operating all aspects of your business. We are not of the opinion that we should all let computers and robots take over the world. Humans offer abstract thinking that is both emotional and intellectual, as well as specific to the situation in which you are operating. Machines cannot do this, except on a simulated level.

However, for the busy business owner, to use artificial intelligence for some of the more mundane tasks such as targeting your audience and leveraging the power of big data, it’s a viable solution for the short-term.

Exact Metrics for Success

It is impossible to measure every single thing about your email marketing campaigns or outreach efforts. But you can do a great deal by setting up a system that can measure the various aspects of your marketing plan in great detail.

One of the biggest challenges with email marketing campaigns is the fact that you must always deal with a large number of issues surrounding “big data.” Big data includes all sorts of metrics and information including the reasons people purchase a product when they bought a product, the apparent mood of the person when they purchased it, and much more.

This is an overwhelming amount of data that would be almost impossible to assess if it weren’t for some automatic analytical source. That’s where A.I. can come to the rescue. A.I. can take into account all sorts of data including campaign data, website data, and multiple channel data.

When you have customers coming to your site and responding to your ad campaigns in so many different ways, you need a streamlined approach to make it all make sense.

Artificial intelligence can dissect this data from the inside-out and come up with solutions that will meet the changing needs of your company and your marketing challenges.

Create Personalized Messages

One of the best components of A.I. that we alluded to earlier is the ability of A.I. technology to address individual customers specifically. By setting a few options on A.I. software, you can tell it to locate the specific people who may be “on the fence” about your product and turn those customers into a sale and a loyal customer.

Of course, A.I. is not omnipotent. It cannot take away the power of a person’s free will. Individuals who receive the emails can always just delete them, ignore them, or simply unsubscribe. But at the very least, they will communicate to the potential customer that you understand their needs and values and that you are speaking specifically to them rather than sending a generic email to everyone on your list.

Keep Control: Don’t Give it Away

One important word of caution regarding A.I. It is an amazing technology but should be used sparingly. No matter how great an invention is, machines and computers will never take the place of a living human with all of the abilities, intellect, emotion, and talents that make us human.

This article by G.W. Smith, expert on the advent and use of A.I. cautions people to keep the ultimate control with your human components but to use A.I. for what it does best; automation and raw data analysis.

In a confusing world of big data though, for the independent business owner, it can prove to be a helpful tool to reaching your business goals faster than you might be able to do alone.

Using Automation with Lead Generation to Grow Your Mailing List

In addition to the advancements in AI and automation, it’s always important to discover new ways to expand your reach, growth and mailing list in the process. This is something we have specialized in for several years now, as we’ve been able to actively send hundreds of new opt-in subscribers to our mailing list partners, while also seeing amazing results in the process.

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