5 Ways to Monetize Your Expertise Outside of Just Marketing Emails

Many site owners and businesses on the internet today rely on their content to grow their mailing list. However, something that more site owners should focus on, is using their email list to grow out custom content to further monetize their site and online business.

When someone visits your website, there’s a very good chance that they are going to leave and never come back. If you want to have visitors coming back time and time again, it’s important to make sure you get them on your mailing list. If you are just using your mailing list to get those visitors back to your site, you could also be missing out on a lot of money and potential business. To make the most of every subscriber, you need to start thinking about premium content, great call-to-actions, and also building out new revenue opportunities for your brand. With so many different lead generation tools on the market, it’s now easier than ever to not only collect user data from visitors on your site, but to also further optimize and monetize such data in the process.

Since this blog is focused on everything email marketing, today we are going to take a look at five different ways to start making money through premium content and selling your expertise. All of which can be easily implemented in nearly every industry and market.

1 – Provide Additional Content through a Website or Blog

As mentioned earlier, the majority of people coming to your website who join your mailing list are likely doing so because they want to get your best content and future updates. In most cases, someone will join your mailing list because they want special offers or they don’t want to miss when you come out with new content. This is a no-brainer, but many sites are getting much better open and engagement rates from their subscribers because they are taking an extra step in providing premium content.

While just creating a mailing list to keep your audience updated is a great idea, you should also be using it to provide your subscribers with additional content and value that might not be offered to your average site users. Not only will this allow your subscribers to feel more valued, it will also increase the likelihood of someone joining your list once they’re on your site.

Be sure to include such information on your subscription forms to let users know exactly what they will be getting when they sign up. If you really want to put in some extra time and effort, you can create unique offers and call to actions on your most read content pages. You can see a perfect example of this here and in the screenshot example above.

2 – Create an Online Course or Membership Site

Starting a website or blog on the internet today is pretty simple. With more than a billion active websites on the internet today, it’s nothing special to have a site of your own. Then again, it’s just a site. What if you wanted to do more, or try to make some extra money off your expertise or best content? For most people, this is quite possible — but many of them simply don’t know where to start.

One solution that is making this whole process a lot easier is called Kajabi. This internet-based software solution allows anyone to create an online course or membership site without the need to hire a designer or be a coder themselves. The end result is that anyone can easily turn their existing site visitors and mailing list subscribers into paying customers. There is no need to be a technical designer or even know how to code a website, as everything on the Kajabi platform is run through a drag-and-drop builder.

This means all you need to do is compile your best information and package it together for your audience to consume — whether that be through written content, PDFs, or even online video. As your mailing list and site traffic continues to grow over time, so will the number of visitors and subscribers you are able to turn into paying customers.

3 – Schedule Out an Autoresponder for 104 Weeks

One of the most powerful and effective ways to grow a mailing list and see results over time is to make sure you have a solid autoresponder in place. A big mistake that many site owners and brands still make today is creating an autoresponder that lasts for only a couple weeks or even just a few days.

The majority of people are going to stay on your mailing list for quite a long time, which means they can be on their for at least a year or two. With some subscribers sticking around and reading your content for that long, it would make perfect sense for you to build out an autoresponder series that lasts up to 104 weeks — which is equivalent of two years.

While it may be a task to actually come up with effective email titles and content ideas, the lifetime ROI of spending a few hours or days working on this will definitely be worth it. If you still find yourself at a loss for content or aren’t sure how to mix up your content within each email, be sure to check out these autoresponder tips from CopyBlogger. Also remember, no matter what type of content you have or the niche market that you are in, make sure all of your autoresponders provide value, otherwise people will unsubscribe from your list.

4 – Remarket to Your Audience through Social Media

When someone subscribes to your mailing list, what other actions do you have in place? For most people it’s simply a matter of having the subscriber added to their mailing list and then letting them receive emails every once in a while. While this is good in theory, there are many other options that you could be implementing to make even more money from your list.

If someone signs up to your mailing list, there is no doubt they have an interest in what you have to say or offer. With that in mind, remarketing is a powerful way to instantly put the email address of someone on your mailing list to use, by serving targeted advertisements through self-serve advertising platforms like Facebook Ads. This type of advertising is possible through many different platforms and also easily done on social media.

In addition to remarketing and using social media, it’s also important to target audiences based on their interests and what you already know about them. A perfect example of this can be seen in this article on Gary Vaynerchuk. While not many people might know of the actual site the content is posted on, millions of people know about Gary. Using this information, we can target that audience through social media and hashtags (related to Gary V), then remarket to those users again on social media after they leave your site.

Not only will adding remarketing to your website and email subscriber list be extremely effective, it will also improve the likelihood of visitors coming back to your site and becoming paying customers.

5 – Join the AfterOffers Email Monetization Program

When it comes to email monetization and trying to make the most money out of each subscriber as possible, you should also consider your options with monetization from day one. A great way to do this is through the use of the AfterOffers email partner program.

Often times, when someone joins a mailing list they are sent to a confirmation page that says to check their email. Instead of just sending a user to a dead-end page like this, site owners can add an additional opt-in form on their subscription page and earn money for each additional newsletter subscription an email signs up for. This can instantly cover the cost of your web hosting for smaller sites, or even become an additional four or five figures in revenue each and every month. Best of all, all leads are 100% opt-in and compensated for.

If you have more questions about this program or would like to sign up, simply contact us and we will get you set up as soon as possible. You can also view this powerful resource and review of other sites using our program to not only make money but to also increase their mailing list in the process.

So many ways to make money with email… so little time…

As you can see, there are many different ways to make money with email subscribers that are joining your list on a daily basis. No matter what options you choose, it’s important to make sure you have some form of automation in place and also provide your subscribers with the best content and value possible. This way you can focus on growing your business and audience, while your mailing list is continually working for you.

Something else to always remember is that it’s hard to get somebody to join your mailing list, but it’s a lot easier to get them to act on an offer or to purchase something after they are a subscriber. Use your mailing list wisely to grow your brand reach and customer loyalty, while also implementing any of the recommended monetization tips above.