How to Re-Engage and Bring Inactive Subscribers to Life

No matter your business or the time on site you have, everyone loves to have a great subscriber list. Not only are they your subscribers, but they read the emails, click the links and buy your products. With these customers, it is quite clear that you as a business owner are doing something right. Good job!

However, there are some subscribers that do not even open the newsletters or the emails. They did sign up to your list, but sometimes you have to even wonder why. At the same time, they haven’t canceled their subscription. So, what you are supposed to do with such subscribers? Should you remove them from the list or keep them?

Believe it or not, there is more to the story. Your inactive subscribers might not engage with your emails directly but they do play a very important role in the overall success of your business and brand. Even if your subscribers aren’t clicking and buying, more often than not they are still a fan of your business and what you have to offer. However, a lot of the times, they subscribers might be inactive on your list, but they are likely still checking the offers and products you have to offer.

Hence, if you just simply cut them off from your website and mailing list, it can result in a further loss. The better option is to try to re-engage with them and bring their email subscriptions and activity back to life. There are many ways to convert the inactive email subscribers into real revenue, some of which we will explore now.

Making the emails relevant

The average internet user is quite overwhelmed with emails these days. In a study conducted by Email Stats Centre, it was found that an average adult gets around 11 commercial emails, 7 Facebook and 8 Twitter notification emails on a regular basis. So, why would someone check your email?

You have to be relevant, and offer real value in the process. If you are able to come up with something you know your audience wants, then you will likely see a much better engagement rate. McKinsey and Company found that they can earn up to 44 dollars by spending only 1 dollar on each email. This all comes down to the quality of emails and providing just relevant emails to your audience, that you know they want to act on.

Know How Many InActive Subscribers You Have

Before we start re-engaging the inactive leads, it is important to know how many are inactive in the first place. Most marketers will gauge the inactive customers as anyone who has not clicked, opened or responded to any of the emails sent in past 6 months to 1 year. For most businesses, the inactive rate is as high as 60 percent. This means, if the list consists of 10,000 subscribers, only 4,000 are reading your emails. To better understand and manage your list data, be sure to also know your inactive customers and how to clean the good data from the bad.

Discover if Your Subscribers Really Like Your Business

Let’s say you have an active subscriber list of 5,000 customers. These are the people who generally care about your business and have made a purchase in the past. It’s a good idea to ask them what they love and what hate about your business. This will give you valuable feedback and also help grow your business in the right direction.

How to Once Again Grow a Relation with Your Subscribers

Having a real engagement and relationship with your subscribers is a very powerful marketing and business strategy. If you want to make inactive subscribers active once again, offer them something to get some immediate engagement and action. For example, a commercial firm offered free ice-creams to their inactive clients and astonishingly they started getting 4000+ more response than usual. Getting creative and using such a method to re-engage with your audience can prove to be quite valuable, so it’s definitely worth giving a try.

Don’t Rush the Process

As an email marketer, you always have to keep “time” in your mind. Suppose, you have sent relevant emails and offered lucrative giveaways and in return you response from a lot of your inactive members. Are you going to send these same emails out every other day? Obviously not. Why? Because, once you start sending too many emails, your readers will get bored of you and they may quickly unsubscribe or you might even get triggered by a spam filter! You surely do not want this to happen. So, don’t attack your prey like a tiger in the jungle. Keep your head calm and work accordingly. Everyone wants to see results overnight, but customer and subscriber engagement is something that is going to happen over time.

Keep Your Customer Data Updated

Most companies forget this but you need to manage the name and information of the customer. Whenever possible, try to keep your customer information and mailing list as clean as it can be. This will help you to reach more subscribers and also lower delivery costs in the process. It takes time to collect accurate customer information, but in the end, it is worth all the trouble. If you are sending your offers to an email address which is not in use but the person is a regular customer, this is not only going to be seen as wasted advertising dollars, it’s also lost ROI with a real customer in the process. With that said, be sure to manage all of your customer information properly and make sure it’s updated as often as possible.

How to Grow Your Business through Opt-In Lead Generation

Now that you’ve read through some of the best ways to keep your email list clean and active, it’s also important to make sure your list is always growing at the same time. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through the use of an active 100% opt-in email campaign with AfterOffers.

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