5 Great Reasons to Use AfterOffers Email Lead Generation in 2019

When it comes to generating more leads and revenue, most marketers and brands are willing to explore all options. Some of the most common ones being paid advertising to increase traffic to your sites, buying co-registration within other lead generation forms, or simply paying for email data through a wide range of sources.

The problem with each of these methods is that you really don’t know where the subscriber is coming from, if they really want to be on your mailing list, and if you are actually turning a profit in the process.

In short, the concept of paying for getting new subscribers on your newsletter or mailing list can be very costly if you aren’t doing it correctly.

Today we are going to walk through some of the most important factors to growing a legitimate and successful mailing list, and why AfterOffers is likely your best solution.

How does AfterOffers work, and what is the quality of the emails?

The way AfterOffers works is actually quite simple. We partner with some of the top websites and blogs on the internet today. The way our company works is that we not only provide high-quality leads to our clients, but we also have a revenue sharing program for site owners as well.

Here’s how it works:

When someone joining a mailing list on another website or blog, after they click the submit button, they are then offered the opportunity to ‘opt-in’ and subscribe to any of our site partners or client’s mailing lists. The key here is that we only promote client mailing lists that are relevant to the sites they are being advertised on.

At the same time, these leads are 100% opt-in, which means the user needs to actually check off the box and have read the title and description for the list they are about to join. All of our mailing lists are ‘unchecked’, which means the user actually needs to check off the box to confirm they want to subscribe. The user then clicks submit and their email address is sent off to the client for import or can be done automatically through an API.

What are the costs associated with AfterOffers and getting new subscribers?

We are extremely happy to say that we don’t lock in out customer into any long-term contracts, and the option to pause and stop a campaign can be done at any time.

Daily volume amounts for how many subscribers you would like to receive on a daily basis can be requested and occasionally modified as well (ie: start with 50 emails per day, then scale to 100+ per day whenever you like).

In terms of cost, this will come down to the number of daily subscribers you would like to receive. The more volume you can take, the better we can do on pricing. Rates usually start at $1.25 to $1.50 per opt-in email address the client receives.

What is the best-recommended method for marketing to new subscribers from AfterOffers?

As with all email marketing and individual businesses, each will be unique in their own way. However, with that being said, it’s important to always act and respond to all new email subscribers as soon as possible. Not only will this provide you with the best ROI and engagement possible, it will also allow the subscriber to keep your mailing list and call to action fresh in their minds.

The perfect way to set this up is to have our system automatically send new subscribers to your list hosting solution. AfterOffers has the ability to connect with list hosting providers like Aweber through API, which means the email will be sent over to your list account right after they sign up.

The next important piece of the puzzle here is that you have an autoresponder series set up as well. This will allow each new subscriber to be sent an email everytime someone new joins your list. This is email automation at it’s best.

In addition to having all of this setup, the option is always there to send out broadcast emails to your list at any time as well. We also recommend building a separate list just for subscribers coming from AfterOffers so you can track their performance and ROI from other data sources.

What demographics and niche markets perform best?

While we do have a directory of hundreds of site partners that we manually select and approve to work with, the majority of them are business and marketing related. However, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t delivering high-quality leads to other niche markets.

With our 100% opt-in lead generation model in place, it doesn’t matter what type of offer or mailing list you might currently have. We can get your campaign in front of the right audience and always know that only high-quality and verified leads will be sent to your list.

How can I get started and are there any hidden fees?

If you would like to get started with an AfterOffers email campaign and start doubling the size of your mailing list, we would love to hear from you.

Best of all, there are NO startup fees or hidden costs throughout the process.

Contact us right now and we will walk you through the process of how to set up your ad copy and list hosting API if needed. Once all of this is in place, we can start sending 100% opt-in emails to your list right away. You only pay for the email subscribers we have delivered.

Again, there are no hidden costs and you can pause/stop/restart the campaign at any given time.

Contact us today and see the true potential of 100% opt-in email marketing at it’s best!