4 Ways to Improve Email Conversions on Your Landing Pages

At its core, the concept of email marketing might seem easy. All you need to do is collect email addresses and send out a message, right? Wrong. While that is what some people might think, there are actually many levels of creating an effective email marketing campaign. It starts with an email address, but the journey that subscriber takes will make or break your email campaign.

One of the most focused upon areas of a successful email campaign must be on conversions and landing pages. You can have the largest mailing list in the world, but if you aren’t sending the right message or you have a low-performing landing page, you are just wasting money and losing subscribers at a rapid pace.

Today we are going to look at four different ways to improve email conversions and optimizing landing pages at the same time. Be sure to implement each of these methods into your existing or new landing pages and email marketing efforts today, and continue to see increase conversions for weeks to come.

Highlight Features & Use Less Text

Landing pages are all about engaging with an audience and getting them to take immediate action. More often than not, the goal is to get the user to submit their email or to click over to an order form page. With this in mind, it’s important to highlight the best features and benefits of a product or service while also using as little text as possible. Be sure to split test different text call to actions and content on your site, while also using bullet points to get the main highlights across.

Showcase Testimonials

How many times have you seen a commercial on TV where a customer or user is actually giving a testimonial and saying how great something works. Usually, these are paid spokespersons, but you still kind of relate with them for some reason. This is the power of user testimonials and reviews in action. It’s also a fact that people relate and trust online reviews from people they don’t even know, nearly as much as when they come from someone they do know. This is why it’s extremely important to showcase testimonials and provide user reviews on your landing pages.

Show Live Social Proof

With artificial intelligence and automation now being easier to access and more cost-effective than ever before, using live social proof on your website or landing page is a must. One brand that is doing extremely this extremely well is Proof. Not only have they created a social proof pop-up window for their own business and customers, they’ve also made the process of implementing it onto websites, e-commerce stores, and landing pages extremely easy. If you have any type of form or call to action on your website, you can actually enable this effective popup on your website by simply copying a line of code and pasting it to your site. Visitors to your site will density other users across the world who have recently taken action or purchased something on your website.

Use Shorter Contact Forms

As mentioned earlier, landing pages are all about getting the user to take action in the fastest amount of time possible. Just like you can place smaller amounts of text on your site, you should also consider your options with shorter contact forms as well. With data completion services quite accessible and cheaper than ever to use, it might be worthwhile to just ask your audience for an email address or a phone number, and you can fill in the rest of their information from another source or simply have them provide this later on. In short, make it as simple as possible for your audience to complete a simple action on your landing page so you can get them moving along with the process.

Not only are landing pages one of the most important components of email marketing, they are also valuable weapons that level the playing field. With so much competition in the world of email and online marketing, it’s crucial to make every lead count.

Be sure to implement each of these four simple, yet extremely effective, optimization methods onto your landing pages or lead generation sites today. At the same time, be sure to continually build your mailing list and split test what is working best for your audience. Once you’ve mastered this process, you can then start a paid email marketing or lead generation campaign to actively grow your mailing list and convert your audience into paying customers like never before.