5 Ways to Better Personalize Email Marketing in 2018

Everyone is talking about how the power of demographic targeting and automation is going to continue to change the way big brands use email marketing in 2018. Not only is this true, it’s something that will also trickle down and help site owners and bloggers with their email marketing efforts as well. To help with this process, today we are going to be looking at five different ways to better personalize your email marketing and also see better results in the process.

Depending on the type of data that you collect from your audience along with the email list hosting solution you are using, some of these methods might be easier to implement than others. If you would like to start using any of these methods in your existing email marketing efforts, be sure to ask your list hosting company about any available opportunities. Also, if you are running media buying or active ad campaigns for subscriber data, be sure to ask about different options in the type of demographic data you can receive as well.

Ad Copy and Demographic Targeting

Demographic targeting is still one of the most effective ways to reach an audience online. This is especially true with email marketing, however, most brands are doing it wrong. Instead of sending out one generic email to a full list, it should be separated based on gender more often than not.

A great example of this would be if you were selling clothing online and using graphics within your newsletters to showcase best selling items and products. Obviously, if you send out a woman in a dress to your whole mailing list, you are kind of alienating all the men on their list. A much better way to approach this would be the segment your list and make sure men are receiving one add copy and women are receiving another. Try it out with a simple split test and see the results!

Utilize Purchase History

Along with demographic targeting, purchase history is a great way to target your list and always make sure the content you are mailing out is something your customers are actually interested in. This personalization method is especially true for sites that sell anything or are e-commerce based.

As a customer of any online store or brand, you are probably already a target of personalized emails based off of your purchase history. To see this type of targeting in motion, simply search through your inbox for any brand or store that you recently purchased from. Check your unread and read emails and see if they are targeted based on your previous purchase history.

Send Emails at the Right Time

Sending out emails to your entire list at one given moment during the day is what most mailers and brands continue to do, however, it just seems wrong. Keep in mind that it might be a specific time in your area, but it’s also a different time for millions of subscribers on your list.

If possible, take a look at your open rates and see what time of the day seems to work best. Then take a look at your list hosting solution and see if you can segment or schedule your mailings so it sends out to different audiences at different times of the day. This alone can drastically increase your open and click rates, as some people on your list will likely be working, sleeping, or at home during a mass email send up.

Segment Your List Based On Data

Many site owners and brands start their email list by simply having one list for all of their subscribers, and send the same generic messages out to everyone. A better way to approach email marketing is to have a segmented list and different sign-up forms on your website.

Not everyone who visits your website is going to have the same intentions or want to receive the same content in your email. For example, if you have an article on your site that focuses on one topic and ranks really well in the search results or gets a lot of traffic through social media, you might want to start a mailing list specifically based around that content. The same can be said for other content on your site as well.

Use Remarketing When Possible

When someone opens up your email and reads what you have to say, they are likely going to click on a link and visit your website or close it out and never read it again. Even if a visitor doesn’t click on a link and visits your site, there are still opportunities for you to get advertising in from of them again.

Through the use of remarketing, you can actually build ad campaigns that display different advertisements to audiences based on the actions within your email marketing or when they visit your site. This is simply one of the best ways to create an engaging offer for your audience that they will see time and time again.

Email continues to be one of the most effective ways to convert site visitors into loyal subscribers and eventually paying customers and revenue. Once you have any of these methods in place, you can better manage your email marketing efforts and even explore paid email lead generation methods.

To learn more about this process, be sure to contact AfterOffers.com and let us show you the true power of 100% opt-in email marketing.