Email Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing = Email Wins!

Something we continually talk about on this blog, is the importance of email marketing and how it’s been one of the most constant platforms for marketing. Look at the massive growth of the internet over the last two decades and email is something we still all use and check daily.

There was recently an article on Forbes that covered this same point as well. It was correctly titled, “This Is Why Email Marketing Still Outperforms Social Media”.

One section of the article really grabbed our attention is shown below.

Set aside this common belief and keep in mind that, also according to Statista, there are 3.7 billion active email users around the globe. In fact, research compiled by Campaign Monitor indicates that 72 percent of people would rather receive brand content through email, while just 17 percent prefer to receive their brand messages from social media platforms. In addition, 39 percent want that email content to be more informational than promotional, according to Adobe Campaign’s fourth annual consumer email survey results released in August.

While we love both email marketing and social media, we still know and love the value that email marketing serves. While taking into consideration the many points that the Forbes article highlighted, we would like to provide our own feedback and tips on the topic as well.

Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing at a Glance

No matter what your preference is, email marketing and social media marketing are two of the most effective ways to grow a business and market to audience around the world. In fact, we continually use both of these methods to promote our brand and blog everyday. The most important thing to remember is that every brand and business is different, and so are the ways you need to target and market towards your audience.

Marketing Options to Fit Any Budget

Just like with email marketing and lead generation, social media offers a ton of exciting ways to market and grow your list size or social follower count. Using any type of paid marketing is ideal with both of these solutions, since organic site traffic can leave you waiting around for weeks and months before seeing any activity. Similar to how we offer email subscribers to our clients, there are also many social media agencies like that offer Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube promotional services as well.

However, just like with email lead generation and marketing, you will need to sift through your subscribers and followers to see how many are active and engaging with your mailings or social updates.

Email and Social are the Best Ways to Tap into Mobile

It seems like everyone is talking about mobile marketing these days. After all, it is how most of us are accessing the internet these days. Thanks to social media and status updates appearing and being gone within a few seconds, attention spans of audiences around the world are now shorter than ever before.

Take a look at the chart below and you will see just how important it is to focus on mobile. More than half of the world now has a mobile device in their hands, and this number is just going to keep rising. At the same time, we are going to see a continued drop off in desktop and laptop usage.

Even with all of this in play, if you want to get into the hands of mobile device users around the world and aren’t willing to create an application or invest in mobile-advertising only campaigns, email and social is still the best way to accomplish this.

Email Ad Costs vs. Social Ad Costs

When comparing email and social, it’s also important to look at your advertising costs — not just directly, but also down the road as well.

Facebook is killing brands that have been focusing on building out their Fan Pages and Followers, making them pay to increase their organic reach. If they don’t, only a small portion will actually see their message.

With email, once someone signs up to your list, they are yours until you unsubscribe. Of course you will have the associated costs with your list hosting provider, but you aren’t going to need to pay more for them to specifically see your message.

Email Marketing with the Right Social Media Advertising is Perfect!

If you really want to win the game of online marketing, it’s all about putting in the time and effort to set up your online advertising campaigns so they are targeted as much as possible. Anyone can go to Google or Facebook and throw money at a campaign, but it will likely result in wasted ad spend.

Instead, marketers and brands need to focus their efforts on getting a user to submit their email, then using list marketing, demographic targeting, and remarketing ads to reach these audiences.

An excellent way to get started with this process, is to consider your options with We can grow your mailing list right away with our 100% opt-in email lead generation platform. Best of all, there are no start-up costs or minimum ad spends. Contact today and let’s make your email and social media marketing efforts pay off like never before!