Fashion Blogging: How to Improve Your Reach and ROI with Email Marketing

Fashion blogging is one of the hottest niche markets in the world of websites and blogs right now. In addition to creating content around the world of fashion, there are plenty of articles out there right now discussing how much money is being made by some of the top fashion bloggers and influencers in the world today. Some influencers are not only earning thousands of dollars through their websites and blog content, they’re also earning thousands of dollars just for sending out a single tweet, update, and photos through Instagram.

The problem with most fashion bloggers and instagram users, is that they aren’t using email marketing to their advantage. As powerful as SEO and social media can be, email is where the direct engagement and longterm ROI comes into play.

With so much attention on fashion, we thought it was time for us to put together some expert tips on how to start using email marketing and lead generation to improve your reach and branding efforts.

Here are some helpful tips to help you get started.

Use WordPress as Your Blogging Platform

When it comes to starting a blog of your own, you are going to want to go with the most popular CMS platform out there right now, which is WordPress. WordPress makes it extremely easy for anyone to go live with a website or blog of their own. Before going live with your blog, you will also need to set up a domain name and web hosting.

WordPress is a great solution not just for running a website or blog, but also because of the many components and plugins it has available for email subscriptions. Whether it be a popup plugin like OptinMonster, or having full customization over your sidebar and subscription forms, it’s all possible through the power of WordPress.

Best of all, with fashion being the expertise of most Instagram users and bloggers, there is no need to learn how to code or program. Pretty much all of the email subscription forms and plugins are drag and drop editors and super easy to use.

Create Content Your Audience Will Find Value In

One of the most important aspects of your fashion blog or Instagram account is going to be the content that you create for your audience. When looking at some of the most popular fashion blogs in the industry today you’re going to see most of them are image-based and have high-quality visuals throughout their site. This is also what you will find when looking at them through social media as well. If you want to find success in the world of fashion blogging you need to have high-quality photos and bring your own personality to the table.

Once you have the reputation for creating great content, your audience is always going to want more. A great way to get even closer with your audience and followers, is to offer them exclusive access to your best and private content. This can easily be done with an email list. Add a link to your social profiles and a form on your site to get “Exclusive Fashion Tips and Updates” and start growing your mailing list right away.

Take Advantage of Social Media to Reach New Audiences

As previously mentioned, fashion bloggers are seeing massive success with social media right now. While Twitter and Facebook are two of the most popular social platforms in the world today, Instagram and Pinterest are where most people are finding success with fashion.

Some of the top fashion influencers currently have millions of followers on Instagram, which allows them to earn thousands of dollars just from a single status update through the use of sponsored collaborations with top brands and fashion labels in the world today. It will be a slow process in the beginning to grow your social following, but it’s definitely one of the best ways to focus your efforts and grow your blog over time.

When it comes to audience targeting on social media, there are a few options to choose from. No matter which you use, it’s likely you are going to be spending wasted money on reaching the wrong audiences. That is of course, unless you are using an email list to target your exact audience and existing subscribers.

To learn more about this process, be sure to view our remarketing reference guide.

Running Out of SEO and Social Media Options? Email is the Answer!

Starting a blog right is a great way to take advantage of what the internet has to offer. Whether it’s for fashion or something else you have a passion for, it’s so ridiculously easy to get started with a blog of your own thanks to the power of WordPress. However, this can also be an extremely slow and tedious process for someone just starting out. A much faster solution to deliver results overnight, is paid email marketing and lead generation.

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