Analyzing the Challenges of Email Marketing in 2016

Email marketing is still one of the most important and effective ways to drive leads and sales back to your business. If you took away email from online marketing, the only things you would have left are SEO and social media marketing. Once you start to think about your online life without email, it definitely changes your perspective of that component of the industry altogether. In short… as long as we all still use email on a daily basis, email marketing is going to be just as important.

To help portray the importance of email marketing and how it’s currently being used by millions of individuals, businesses, and brands throughout the world, we are going to take a look at a new email marketing infographic from the team over at SmartInsights. Through this infographic, we will shed some light on one of DMA’s most recent email reports, which not only is email marketing focused, but also documents that more people are managing their email marketing in-house, versus through an outside agency. Even with this in-house management in place, brands are still struggling with the overall ROI and success measurements of their email marketing efforts.

All of this and much more will be covered, as we dive into the latest stats and trends in the world of email marketing.

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Email has never been so important to marketers

Take a second and think about how many websites and blogs you visit on a daily basis. What is the one comment call to action that nearly all of them have? Email or lead generation of course! They all want an email address so they can keep in touch with the visitor after they leave their site. The number of marketers who rate email as “important” or “very important” has increased from 89% in 2012, to now 93% in 2015.

In-House vs. Outsourced Email Marketing

The vast majority (90%) of email marketing is now carried out through in-house management teams. This number has increased from 74% in 2013 to 90% in 2015. One of the main reasons behind this jump, is likely due to more email marketing services becoming available, with a less technical knowledge being required to start and manage email campaigns.

  • 5.3% outsource skills to an email agency (the remainder to other agencies)
  • 1% outsource to an ESP, a proportion that has dropped from 9% in 2012 and 11% in 2013

Email Testing is a Great Measure for ROI

Competence in email marketing does not correlate with reported ROI. However, the proficiency in email testing does correlate positively with reported email ROI. The more testing an agency or marketer performs, the more likely they are to see improved ROI across their email marketing efforts.

At the same time, measuring the return on investment of email marketing campaigns has become increasingly hard for more marketers as the internet continues to grow in size. Back in 2012, 60% of B2B marketers reported that they were able to successfully measure the ROI for their email campaigns, versus a 50/50 split of marketers today.

We vs. You Marketing — Which works best?

Most marketers believe that “We” messaging content and information about what a company is, does, or offers, is the most effective way to persuade consumers to sign up to emails. They break down these numbers into the following categories.

  • 32% Content
  • 18% notice of new products
  • 18% user guides
  • 14% discounts

However, when the consumers focus on “You” messaging, which focuses on the benefits of the end user, the call to action and ROI is more effective. This type of marketing is usually done in the following areas:

  • 43% money off discounts
  • 37% discounts
  • 32% loyalty programs and rewards
  • 32% free delivery
  • 32% free gifts and samples

When combining both of these marketing methods and content, it’s been proven most effective. The overall trust and reputation within a business and their email messaging are also important. Marketers

Now that you’ve seen some of the latest industry trends and stats on email marketing, it’s time to look at your current lead generation and marketing efforts to see where improvement can be made. While considering the many complexities of email marketing, it’s also important to appreciate it’s value in the process. While analyzing how you are sending emails out to your audiences, be sure to consider your options for mailing list growth as well. AfterOffers is one of the most reliable email marketing and list building solutions on the internet today. All subscribers are real, opt-in confirmed and ready to start purchasing your products and services immediately.

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