4 Ways to Grow Your Email List and Business with GetResponse

When it comes to creating and running a business on the internet, it’s all about automation. This is especially true if you are a one-man operation or a small agency. To find success on the internet today, you need to have control over your whole business — which now includes SEO, social media, sales, content creation and everything in between.

In short… without the right marketing tools and automation in place, you are simply going to fall behind. This is why so many businesses and brands have relied on AfterOffers.com to provide them with high-quality 100% opt-in email subscribers on a daily basis. You likely already know what it takes to run your business and how to sell online, but you shouldn’t have to become a jack of all trades and learn how to run an email marketing and lead generation company in the process.

At the same time, it’s not just about where you are getting your leads from, it’s also about the type of platform and email list hosting you are using as well. When you look at all of the different ways to generate new business online today, it’s quite a handful. On a typical day, I’m personally working with the following tools, platforms, and outlets for reaching new audiences and increasing sales.

  • Website and blog content creation
  • Building out landing pages to reach new audiences
  • Creating and running live webinars to site subscribers
  • Writing new ad copy and sending out mailings to lists

In short, trying to manage all of these different marketing and content creation methods can become a full-time job in itself. Fortunately, there are solutions out there to help with the setup and automation of such processes.

One such company is GetResponse. While the company has years of experience in the world of online marketing and business, their name has become quite well known for their association with email marketing and delivery. However, like all businesses and brands, they’ve mastered the art of business and have scaled over time. With over 350,000 customers throughout the world, GetResponse has catered their business to end user and is now an all-in-one solution for site owners, marketers, and businesses of all sizes.

In this review, we will be taking a look at their email creator, marketing automation, landing pages and webinar solutions — all of which can help grow your business, alongside AfterOffers opt-in email lead generation services.

Email Management and Delivery

No matter how much attention is being made to mobile marketing and social media, email is still one of the most powerful platforms in the world today.

With the start of their business focusing on the art of email marketing, GetResponse has always had one of the best solutions for catering to the needs of their audience. While email marketing and list building might be second nature to you right now, think about how it was when you first started. One of the main reasons for GetResponse’s success in various markets is how easy they make the whole process for users of all sizes and talents.

Creating a mailing list of your own with GetResponse is quite easy. After signing up for an account and plugging in your site/brand details into their creation wizard, you are good to go with your new mailing list in just minutes. There is no need to mess around with code or even FTP files to your site. GetResponse will provide you with a simple script to include on your site, then the email subscription process is ready to go.

In addition to the process of setting up a mailing list and sending messages out to your subscribers, GetResponse also provides users with an easy to use email creator. This makes the process of creation custom messages and template designs to match your existing brand or business a breeze. All users will also have access to full stats tracking and reporting on their email list performance.

Custom Landing Pages for All Audiences

If you are going to be doing anything with emails, you should also be using landing pages as well. In short, landing pages are simply the best way to target and audience and turn them into a high-quality lead.

A great example of this would be if you already had a high-traffic web site, but wanted to redirect your audience’s attention to your new ebook or training course. You could build a separate landing page (and have a link or ad), where the user could click and signup to a new list. This would allow you to build a separate list from your main audience, thus increasing conversions.

That all sounds fun and dandy… but if you had any idea of the work involved in creating a custom landing page of your own, you would never want to do it. The old way of creating landing pages means designing a custom landing page, converting it into HTML, coding it with a user form, then setting up an email delivery system as well.

When using GetResponse, this is a simple a drag and drop process. Since GetResponse is an all-in-one solution, they make it easy for anyone to create and go live with their own landing pages in minutes. Not just going live… but also tracking and integrating them with other tools and analytics as well.

Webinars Turn Audiences into Customers

If you’ve been on Facebook lately, you’ve more than likely seen all of the in-stream advertisements to attend webinars from experts in your space. There is a big reason why you keep seeing all of these endless webinar ads everywhere… they work!

Yes, webinars are one of the best ways to not only convert audiences into customers, they are also a great way to build highly targeted mailing lists as well.

No surprise here, but yet again, GetResponse has a webinar solution for all marketing types in place to help individuals, brands and businesses of all sizes go live with interactive webinars of their own.

One of the greatest things about webinars is that they are of great value and extremely effective for all audiences. While you might see online experts and gurus selling their online courses through webinars, many other organizations and brands are using them for different reasons. Webinars are great for building brand loyalty,offering education based training online, connecting with massive audiences for live Q&A… and much more.

GetResponse isn’t just providing the webinar solution, they are also providing customers with many advanced set up and tracking features as well.

How to Increase Business through Marketing Automation

With so many tracking tools and features in place, GetResponse has grown to the massive company they are today by using each of these tools and services to grow and build their own business. One of their latest features is the marketing automation solution which pulls everything.

To get a basic understanding of how their marketing automation works, check out the short video below.

Through the use of this drag-and-drop workflow technology, businesses and brands can analyze and track their audience like never before. Instead of just getting someone on an email list, you could track their movement throughout your site and business — even seeing where the engagement may have dropped off. With marketing automation in play, there is simply no better way to turn your existing audience and subscribers into high-value customers.

AfterOffers + GetResponse is a Winning Combination

Finding success on the internet is all about management and scalability. Just like GetResponse, AfterOffers.com has scaled to the size and success they are today, through the use of the very same tools and services they provide to their customers. While there are many names to choose from in the world of online marketing and email list management, it’s always important to put in the time and effort to make sure you research all companies accordingly.

Not only would AfterOffers love to work with you and have your business, we also have a proven track record that shows our 100% opt-in email lead generation works. It’s not a question of if you will need email, landing pages and webinars as part of your business and outreach… it’s simply a question of when.

To discover how you can start using these powerful tools and grow your business through the power of permission-based email marketing, contact AfterOffers.com today!