Five Email Marketing Basics That Still Apply And Work Today

Having a successful online or brick and mortar business is largely dependent on marketing and one of the most effective marketing strategies is email marketing. Email marketing is vital for building relationships with current customers, prospects, leads and past customers. It gives you the chance to connect directly with them through their inbox, while also marketing to them through mobile devices and advanced online targeting through social media and remarketing.

What’s even better is that the communication is often done at a time they are comfortable with. Unlike online ads that are annoying and often random, when someone gets an email from you, they are more likely to read it and act upon it as well. In line with the importance of email marketing, there are a number of basic factors you should know in order to get your conversion rates to look good and stay good. These factors would enable you to engage in email marketing effectively.

Let’s take a look at five email marketing basics that still apply and work today.

Build Your Email List By Acquisition

This involves actively requesting email addresses and actively encouraging prospective customers to subscribe to benefit from products your company or business offers. You can leverage social events or business related gatherings such as trade fares to acquire as many email addresses as possible. However, it does not end at requesting for emails. You should go on to request for their zip code and names. These would be useful if the country where your business is located has privacy laws. So you’ll consequently be able to connect effortlessly with these people on your email list without breaking any laws.

Personalize Your Email Contents

A couple of years ago sending generic emails to current and target customers was quite okay. However, with things evolving at a fast pace and with customers getting too many emails on a regular basis, there is a need for you to personalize your email content. This basically means connecting with your customers on a one on one basis. Making them feel that the email was drafted specifically for them and that it is not just a generic mail sent to tons of other people with little effort. Having said that, to draft a good personalized email, you should take into consideration the customers preferences and past behavior. This simply means you should understand the needs of your consumers before engaging email marketing. Personalizing your emails may take time, but in the long run, positive results are assured.

Engage Consistent Repetition

To get the best out of email marketing, you should take out some time to experiment with drafting good email subject lines and content depth. This would equip you to understand the importance of content and the ways to align your emails to meet the emotional needs and desires of your target customers. Also, when tinkering and experimenting with your email content, you should conduct a market survey or research to ensure that you’re not pushing for customers to buy products that they are not interested in at the time. When that’s done, you are sure to have increased leads which would finally become customers loyal to your brand.

Keep Your Welcoming Game Sharp

This is the first interaction your customers have with you after subscribing and it should be absolutely seamless. So go on to check your promotional codes, your logo, your design, and your language. Make sure that they are in perfect sync with the standards of your brand. Also ensure that your email is personalized, that it appreciates your customers for subscribing and that it reaffirms them of what they stand to gain by being loyal customers to your brand. Also, check to ensure that it looks perfect on a mobile screen. The essence of all this is to see to it that your first email and consequent emails give them a good impression of who you are and what your brand offers. Your welcome on board email should also be sent as soon as your target customers subscribe. Preferably within the first one to five minutes.

Keep The Structure Of Your Promotional Emails Flawless And Combine Emails With Other Strategies

By now you should know that your promotional emails are primary contributors to the growth of your business. They sell to the public the services and products offered by your brand. By reason of what they do, they should be perfectly drafted. By this we mean they should be mobile friendly, and they should have good sectionalization. Such sectionalization would make them easier to comprehend. So if you desire an impressive increase in sales through email marketing, your promotional emails should be frequently reviewed just to be sure they are appealing.

Also, you should note that while email marketing and having good promotional emails is quite potent, results can be better if you combine email marketing with other marketing avenues. According to Jason Vandeboom, the CEO and founder of the well-renowned marketing automation platform stated that impressive marketing campaigns go beyond marketing mechanization and email marketing. They combine email marketing with other tried and true marketing strategies and the result is always successful with increased sales and profit.

Getting the Most ROI Out of Your Email Marketing Efforts

On a final note, we do know that marketing can be daunting and there are times that even the professionals in business lose touch with marketing techniques. This article was written to get your email marketing game back on track. Also, if you are a retailer, be sure to optimize your transactional emails and also keep your email list clean. This means that if you have a number of disengaged or inactive contacts, it would be wise to unsubscribe them. This positively impacts to a good extent your conversion rate.

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