5 Ways to Reach Your Customers Outside of Just Email

The internet has changed the entire concept of doing business in the world today. There is no longer a need for a commercial building to start a business, or even a need to hire employees or get investment money. All that is required is a working business model and an authentic marketing strategy, thus allowing you to easily manage your small business from anywhere in the world.

Due to the opportunities that internet is providing everyone, anyone can start a business of their own. However, just because ‘you can’, don’t tink it will be easy. The competition has increased to such a high extent that grabbing the attention of potential customers is also now harder than ever.

While most companies are using email marketing, we all know that customers quickly get overwhelmed with the massive amounts of emails some users are receiving on a daily basis, this might mean we all need to focus on outside methods to further enhance our existing ad campaign.

In order to help you stand out from your rivals here are some exciting ways to reach out to your customers.

1 – Social media

Over the past few years, the popularity of the social media sites has rapidly increased. There are now 2 billion users on Facebook and many others on other social media sites. Your targeted customers are easily accessible on the social media sites, especially if you already have their email address on one of your existing mailing lists or customer database. The biggest attraction on any of these platforms is that it is very cost-effective and easy to maintain.

Here are some of the many benefits to promoting your business through social media.

  • You can create your own business profile and set the information and target audience to the customers based on their age, gender, and geographical area.
  • With so much traffic flowing through any of the major social networks, it’s quite easy and fast to see results immediately.
  • Take a look at what your competition is doing through social media, and this might end up helping your own advertising efforts as well.
  • Always stay active and share posts related to your products and services, and not just sales or lead generation-focused ones.

Social media is also a great way to provice customer support to your customers, site visitors, and followers as well. The better experience you provide them with, the more likely they will continue to do business with you in the future.

2 – Print advertising

Print advertising is dying, but it’s still effective when used in the right way. In this age of technology, using the help of print media might seem old when most of your customers are using internet and smartphones even for reading newspapers. However, you should know that many of your customers are still reading newspapers and getting flyers in the mail. If you already have an existing contact list from your customers, think outside the box and send them something through the mail, or even run a local print ad campaign in a test market.

3 – Google PPC ads

One of the most common advertisement methods that have been used by business organizations for many years is Google PPC ads. If you have any form of lead generation in place where you can track a sale, affiliate marketing might come into play here as well. In this technique, you may have to hire a person that will provide you his services by posting ads about your business on his website, or you can run such ad campaigns through Google’s self-serve advertising platform.

The great thing about running a Google PPC ad campaign, is that you can select the keywords, geographic locations, and demographic audience of where you want your ads to be seen. This is also another way to see a quick increase in advertising results as well. However, there is also a big learning curve to setting up campaigns correctly and managing your daily budget.

4 – Media buying

It’s likely no surprise, but individuals and brands can purchase advertising on the internet through various media companies in order to grab the attention of customers and audiences around the world. The benefit here is that they already have thousands of relationships already in place, and you just need one platform to manage everything.

When looking at different advertising and media buying platforms, make sure to look at their minimum spending requirements, the type of audiences they target, what demographic and pixel tracking options are available, and also for checking customer reviews on the quality of their traffic.

Media buying is an excellent way to increase your advertising and reach fast, but if not done correctly, it can also blow through a large budget in a short amount of time as well.

5 – Remarketing

We all know that attracting new customers is difficult in comparison to retaining old ones. The reason is that if they like your products there are chances that they will come back all you need is the right marketing strategy.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is through the use of remarketing advertising. For anyone already collecting email addresses and leads, this is so easy to implement, it’s like leaving a huge stack of money on the table if you aren’t currently using it.

Lots of Marketing Methods, but Email is Still the Best!

We are an email and lead generation based company. Of all the options mentioned above, we still believe email marketing is still your best bet. That is why we are so comfortable with covering other advertising methods available, as we also want to inform our readers on all options available. Always sure that you use the marketing technique that you are most comfortable with, but also don’t miss out by limiting yourself to only one.

To see the true power of email marketing and 100% opt-in lead generation in action, be sure to contact us today and let us show you what AfterOffers can do for you and your business.