7 Ways Email Marketing Can Increase Traffic to Your eCommerce Sites

If you’re frustrated over trying to get a consistent flow of visitors to your eCommerce website, email marketing is one of the easiest routes that you can go in order to try to keep traffic flowing and to keep your customers coming back for more, even after they’ve checked out.

A lot of people associate email marketing with spam and marketing fails – it doesn’t have to be that way! In fact, email marketing is one of the best things you can do in order to attract potential customers, keep website visitors engaged and interested, and make sure your repeat customers are happy and continue to visit your site regularly. A 2015 study discovered that email campaigns received an average return of investment of 38:1, meaning that a small effort on your part could mean a big return for your company.

Here are the top seven ways that email marketing can help you continue to increase web traffic to your eCommerce sites.

The Abandoned Shopping Cart

Everyone has been online shopping and then for some reason, whether it’s price, not enough time, or simply just a loss of interest, abandoned their shopping cart and closed out of the website. It happens all the time – but you can do something about it. Many users must provide basic information to the website while they’re filling up their cart. If they’ve provided you with their email address, that’s an opportunity to remind them that they were on your website, that they found products they liked, and that you can help them sway their decision.

Some online retailers offer small discounts to customers who abandon their shopping carts by emailing them a coupon code that entices them to come back and complete their order. That’s a great way to not only make sure you stay on your customer’s minds, it’s also a great way to show that you care about customers, even when they haven’t bought anything from you yet.

Cast a Wide Net, and Stay Niche Focused

Offer a little something for everyone who might potentially open your email. It’s a small cost on your part to offer a 10% discount, free shipping, or a seasonal promotion to keep the customers on your email newsletters interested, engaged, and clicking through to your website.

In order to keep hitting all of the people who might be on the fence about shopping on your site, you have to offer a variety of options to make sure that those who could potentially click through have a valid reason to. Sending out email campaigns that offer different deals, feature different items from your site, and keep up with seasonal events and happenings is a great way to cast a wide net and capture as many different types of shoppers with different interests as possible.

Tis the Season, Every Season!

If you don’t take advantage of every holiday to send out an email campaign, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to email your mailing list more than you might normally do so! Over the holidays, shoppers want companies to offer discounts and deals so that they don’t feel as guilty shopping for themselves and their loved ones. So by offering them small discounts and deals, or just a reminder that you’re there by showing them just a few featured items for the week, you’ll capture tons of shoppers who are just waiting for the right deal to get on their phones or computers and shop. Hint: this works for any and all holidays!

Call to Actions are a Huge Factor

Does your email marketing campaign have a call to action? Is there a clear goal for your customers when they click into your email? Make sure that you have clear goals in mind before setting up your campaign – do you want them to browse and buy from your new clearance items? Do you want them to check out a new celebrity campaign that you’re featuring? What’s the goal? Design your email campaigns by thinking first of what you want your customers to do – when customers are presented with a clear call to action, it’s easier for them to make a decision.

Confirmation Emails that Convert

You’re missing the boat if you aren’t sending engaging confirmation emails to your loyal customers who make a purchase on your site. A confirmation email doesn’t have to just let them know what they just bought, how much it’ll cost, and when their shipping info will arrive. You can let them know that there are still more products on the site that they might be interested in, how to follow you on social media, and how to make sure they know what the rewards programs are like on your site. Keep them interested!

Visuals Get the Most Attention

People make the most informed decisions when they see what they’re getting into. Utilizing photos and fun, bright visuals is the best way to make sure people who open your emails scroll through your emails and click through to the site. If you have a dress sale – show the dresses! You want to your users to buy shoes? Show the options that they might like! You don’t want to leave them guessing at what they might see on your site before they even click through.

Using the Best Subject Lines

Your subject line is probably the most important piece of your email marketing campaign – if your user isn’t engaged or amused by your subject line, they’re going to put it in their trash folder before they even open it. They either need to be interested enough or be able to see the call to action in the subject line in order to get them to open their email and see what you have to say. Think of the subject line as your first impression – if you mess up the first impression, they may not open any further emails from you and you’ll find yourself with a slew of unsubscribes. Keep them engaged, interested, and amused with a targeted subject line.

In the world of ecommerce, the soft email lead is king!

As great as landing pages can be for your brand or marketing efforts, they shouldn’t be your only source for leads and email subscribers. For example, here are AfterOffers.com, we have a revolutionary technology that delivers 100% opt-in email leads right to our client’s lists. Best of all, all leads are not just opt-in, they are also provided by hand-selected websites that we personally approved and are related to the focus of your business or lead offer.

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