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Using SEO Keyword Tools to Create Better Email Content

When you think about SEO and ranking in the search results, you often think about just free organic traffic and the research and tedious work involved. However, if you are running an online business and not using SEO and keyword tools to create better content for your audience and customers, you are missing out big time. Google isn’t only the biggest and most reliable search engine in the world today, … Continue Reading

The Google Slap is Coming To Your Mobile Site

Tomorrow, Google begins penalizing mobile sites that have “intrusive” pop-up opt-ins. Rather than overreact and take down your lightboxes and pop-ups (that likely bring you the majority of your email subscribers), there are other options. And remember, our belief is if your entire business depends on a single source of free traffic, you’re constantly at risk. Diversify and figure out how to make a profit by paying for traffic, too. … Continue Reading