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Bill Burniece – Email Marketing Expert Interview

Internet marketing would not be what it is today without two components — affiliate marketing and email marketing. Both of these industries have become the driving forces behind lead generation and business on the internet today. When you combine the two of them, the potential for success and new opportunities is limitless. With these two area of focus on the minds of nearly every online marketer and brand, we knew … Continue Reading

John Lee Dumas – Email Marketing Expert Interview

One of the most amazing things about email marketing is that it works in nearly any niche market that you can possibly think of. It doesn’t matter if you are selling a product, trying to increase traffic to your site, or even launching your own podcast — email will work amazingly with each of them. In our continuing efforts to provide you with the latest and greatest tips from email marketing experts around the … Continue Reading

Marcus Miller – Email Marketing Expert Interview

Whether you like it or not, if you have an online business or brand, you need to be using email marketing and SEO. Without these two crucial elements, you will simply get lost in the crowd of the other billion active sites floating around the internet. SEO is great because it allows people to come to your site when they are searching through Google. Email is great because that is the … Continue Reading

Sean Si – Email Marketing Expert Interview

Email marketing is a lot like SEO, in the fact that both cater to their audience based on what they are looking for. When someone subscribes to your mailing list or newsletter, there is a very good chance they are interested in what you have to say or offer. At the same time, keywords in Google and SEO offer the same value — delivering specific results based on what someone … Continue Reading

Tabitha Naylor – Email Marketing Expert Interview

In the world of email marketing, you are only as good as your latest mailing. It’s not just about the quality of content you are sending out, or even the engagement… it’s the value and response from your subscribers that matter most. Many list owners have no idea what to send out to their lists, and should they start seeing unsubscribes, then they really start to get terrified. No matter … Continue Reading