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5 Ways To Clean Up and Shape Up The Quality of Your Email List

Email is by far the least expensive and most efficient way to communicate with your customers in the modern era. But no one wants to waste time sending emails to people who don’t want to hear from them. This means marketers, businesses, and brands need to focus more time and effort on the actual evaluation process for your email list and to also clean it up periodically. The problem that … Continue Reading

Aweber vs. Constant Contact vs. ConvertKit: Which Email Platform is Best?

Email marketing is more important than ever to boost your targeted traffic and move your brand from an unknown company to a household name. One step at a time, though. First, you have to build your email audience. You can do this using some different tools. All of them have their advantages, but it’s important to note that they are not all created equal. When it comes to email marketing, … Continue Reading

What to Look for When Choosing an Email List Hosting Solution

When you’re preparing marketing campaigns for your company, email marketing is probably one of the most valuable resources that you have to reach current and future customers. Because email marketing is such a valuable part of any marketing project, you want to make sure that you’re able to host your mailing lists on a site that helps you protect them, organize them, and makes it easy to manage and maintain … Continue Reading

How to Improve Email List Subscriber Engagement

The days of bragging about how big your email list is are over. It’s no longer about size. It’s about the engagement your list has – do they open, click, respond and buy. I’ll take a responsive, engaged list of 2,000 people over a list of 20,000 subscribers any day. Kickbox, the service we use to help us gauge the quality of our email list sign ups, just posted a … Continue Reading