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How After Offers Delivers Quality Subscribers

Co-registration (or “co-reg” for short) is a nasty word. You won’t find the word anywhere in our materials because it comes with a lot of baggage. It used to be that tiny pre-checked box below the sign up form that read something like, “Hear from our third party marketing partners.” Or, you signed up to get your newspaper’s daily email and on the next page you were offered everything from … Continue Reading

How To Set a Custom Dynamic Redirect With Any After Offers Page

If you’re using After Offers in your sign up pathway to monetize your email list, the user will be redirected back to any page on your site you wish after they choose their offer or skip the page. Every After Offers page has a redirect built in as a default, but you can override that default if you have multiple funnels and need the users to go to different final … Continue Reading