A Simple Way To Add Revenue To Your Prepper Site

Veteran and newbie survivalist bloggers are enjoying increased interest and traffic these days with more and more people learning how to get ready when SHTF.

Prepping has moved beyond a core group of dedicated people who are ready for any natural disaster, terrorist attack or financial incident and are helping others learn how to be self-sufficient when the day comes that you are your own backup plan.

Speaking to website owners directly here: It takes a lot of preparation and work to create that content for your audience and you deserve to be rewarded and compensated for your time.

Certainly, you can add Google ads to your site, but you’ll likely earn just pennies for every view and click. Affiliate links are terrific and should always be used when linking out to a recommended product, but that too can have limited earning potential.

Smart website owners are growing their email lists and finding huge potential in creating their own products or using affiliate links in their emails. But it takes time to grow your list to the point where you have enough subscribers to make decent money.

But how do you earn revenue from your very first subscriber?  After Offers is a great way to do just that.

After someone joins your email list, instead of going to a dead end “thank you” page, an After Offers page will offer your subscribers free survival e-books, food storage guides, and other prepper-related newsletters.

You get paid each time your subscriber chooses something. The subscriber is then sent to any page on your site – an upsell page, your home page, a specific article – you choose!

Here is an example After Offers page for prepper/survivalist sites:

If you do have your own product and convert, say, 5% of your free newsletter to customers, it’s a simple way to monetize the 95% of your list the moment they subscribe.

It’s an easy way to add a passive income source to your website. Then, all you have to do is grow your list – and get paid everytime you do.

Want to take a closer look? Contact me anytime. I’ll give you a quick live demo and you can decide for yourself if it is something you’d like to try on your own site.

Tim Bourquin, Co-founder (and prepper) of After Offers