A Simple Email Funnel is All You Need

I think many people hear “sales funnel” and they immediately think of “weeks of work” to write twenty emails that help to sell their product.

In reality, all you need is 3-4 emails and a re-targeting campaign on Facebook.

In its most simple form, the funnel looks like thisFacebook Ad —

Facebook Ad -> Post on your blog -> Sales page -> Follow up

If someone doesn’t proceed to the next step, you re-target them on Facebook to get them to enter the funnel again at the point they dropped out.

Check out the video below to see how it works. ¬†I think the most important point Ezra makes is if someone clicks on your ad to go to your blog post and drops out there (doesn’t make it to your sales page), you need to re-target them with another piece of content – not an offer to buy.

It’s a subtle, but important, difference and a common mistake people make. Ideally, only people that have been to your sales page should be re-targeted with a sales offer. ¬†Everyone else should be re-targeted with content until they make that important click over to your sales page on their own.