How To Grow Your Email List the Right Way

I recently did an interview with John Newtson about After Offers and how it works. But we also talk a lot about email marketing in general and the right way to build a responsive list. There is a right way to buy subscribers and many more ways to do it incorrectly. The differences can determine whether you have a responsive, engaged list or one that is nothing but dead weight … Continue Reading

Double Opt-In vs. Single Opt-In: Our Test Results Explained

I admit it. I’m a recovering double opt-in fanatic. I was adamant that double opt-in confirmations were the only way to build a responsive email list. “If the new subscriber can’t even be bothered to click on the first link – in the first email they get – what’s the point?” But I’ve changed my mind, and it is because of hard data. The “If the subscriber can’t be bothered…” … Continue Reading

Why a Major Marketer Deleted 250,000 Subscribers

We’ve talked before about how we are relentless when it comes to cleaning our email lists. Our standard process is to delete any subscriber who has not clicked a link in the past 8 emails we’ve sent them. When I tell people this, they usually react with some measure of shock. “Why get rid of a good subscriber? They might buy something down the road?” Because they almost never do. … Continue Reading