The Art and Science of Getting Your Emails Delivered To Your Subscribers

Getting your newsletter emails into the inbox of your subscribers is a moving target.

Unfortunately we’re all at the mercy of the algorithms of Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and the ISPs.

It’s a bit like knocking at the door of a secret club and trying to convince the door man that you are legit and to let you in.

Since the majority of all email sent is spam, the Gmails of the world have been putting down the hammer the last few years in order to meet the needs of their users.

ReturnPath just wrote an interesting article on their blog outlining all the ways you can increase your chances of getting in the party.

It would be great if all the email services put out their requirements for email deliverability so that you could simply meet them and know that your emails are being delivered.

But then the bastard spammers who ruin the punch at the party for everyone would try to game the system like they always do.

Most of the responsibility for getting your emails delivered rests with your Email Service Provider (ESPs) – the Awebers, GetResponses, Infusionsofts, and Active Campaigns of the world.

But you can help them by making sure your emails deliver value to the subscriber.

It doesn’t mean you can’t offer a discount or sell something in your emails. Just don’t make that the primary thrust of every email you send.

Deliver valuable information your subscribers can use to improve their lives and businesses and occasionally asking for the sale won’t be an issue.